Mobile Benchmarks Report 2018

Retention, Sessions, Fraud: How does your app's performance compare?

We’ve collected 365 day’s worth of information from over 11,000 apps to give you a full picture of what mobile app performance looked like in 2017. With this data, you can compare your own performance, identify seasonal trends and more.

This report covers key metrics:

  1. Discover which vertical has the best retention rate
  2. Learn more about how sessions differ between countries
  3. Find out more about fraud distribution in the ecosystem

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Which OS retained more users?

High retention rates mean that users stick around. But how do they compare across countries, verticals, and by platform? In the report, you'll see the differences, and spot potential improvements for your own app. We've also included a look at elite retention, to show you how good an app can really do.

Find out

Which network provides the best users?

What's the value of a session? We can show you - our report breaks down sessions, showing you how often app users come back, every day, per vertical and per country. Is there a large difference? There is, and you can find out who comes out on top by downloading a copy today.


Which country performs the most events?

So, your users are sticking around long enough to make an impact - but how often do they engage with your app every day? With our 2018 benchmarks, you can find out.


Which OS was most affected by fraud?

Every vertical, country and network was affected by mobile ad fraud in some way in 2017. But by how much? In our report, you’ll find out where we stopped fraud, by vertical, and by OS.

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