Case study: Baubap x Adjust

About Baubap

Based in Mexico, Baubap is a personal loan app designed to simplify money management. With its user-friendly interface, Baubap simplifies the process of requesting loans between $500 and $5,000 MXN, and managing payments effortlessly. Plus, the app offers smart reminders to help make sure payments are never missed.

The challenge

Mexico ranks among the markets most affected by fraud, posing a substantial challenge for regional companies. Campaigns that appear highly successful on the surface often result in considerable ad spend losses due to fraudulent activities. In light of this, Baubap recognized the critical need to address fraud proactively to preserve its advertising budget and validate the effectiveness of its campaigns.

On another front, the Baubap team was experiencing an excessive burden on their resources. Marketing campaigns never stop and require constant monitoring to ensure they are performing well and budget is being used effectively. Without any automation in place, members of the app’s marketing team often found themselves checking in on advertising campaigns on the weekends and holidays.

The solution

Turning to Adjust to help address these challenges, the team saw impressive results with Adjust’s Fraud Prevention and Pulse smart alerts.

Adjust's Fraud Prevention proved essential for navigating the complexities of managing large budgets across roughly 15 networks at once. The solution's detailed reports and analytics enabled the team to weed out seemingly beneficial partnerships that only inflated install numbers through fraud, without adding real value or user engagement. This strategic move helped Baubap focus on genuine growth and interaction, demonstrating the importance of discerning quality over quantity in digital marketing efforts.

Facundo Armentano

Acquisition Manager, Baubap

In addition, Baubap significantly improved its operational efficiency and optimized its use of company time and resources by incorporating Adjust's Pulse smart alerts into its campaign monitoring process. Recognizing the potential for delay between app installs and subsequent monetizable events, Baubap leveraged Pulse to receive early warnings about campaign performance issues. Whether it was media saturation, technical malfunctions, or configuration errors with networks, smart alerts served as a crucial filter.

Example Pulse logic used:
Alert when CPI exceeds 5 USD in Google, Meta, or TikTok campaigns.

Upon receiving an alert, the team would conduct a deep dive into the source, scrutinizing campaign spend and identifying necessary adjustments to rectify any unexpected outcomes. For those not directly managing the campaigns,  Pulse also provided a quick, reliable snapshot of campaign health, confirming whether the cost per install (CPI) was within the expected range and freeing up time for more strategic endeavors.

Facundo Armentano

Acquisition Manager, Baubap

The results

With the help of Adjust, finance app Baubap was able to:

  • Reduce mobile ad fraud by 78%, decreasing from a rejected install rate of 7% to an all-time low of 1.5%.
  • Increase event completion by about 50% for the app’s primary monetization event.
  • Save 3.5 hours of work per week on average with Pulse smart alerts.

Facundo Armentano

Acquisition Manager, Baubap