Blog Out now! Adjust’s Back to Basics guide

Out now! Adjust’s Back to Basics guide

Paid marketing is evolving, and it’s your job to keep up.

For newcomers, catching up can be daunting. Where can you build your knowledge effectively? Don’t be overwhelmed by the mountain of knowledge you need to master. Instead, break your learning down into manageable pieces, and you’ll be at the summit in no time.

We built the Back to Basics guide to cut through the noise and provide newbie marketers with the essentials they need to get started.

Engagement through advertising requires marketers to master a laundry list of skills and capabilities to segment, target and retarget audiences. Marketing also means hands-on negotiation with all kinds of people, from agencies to app publishers, analytics to attribution, SSPs, DSPs and ad networks, it’s up to you to know who does what, and why.

To help you make smart (and some tough) decisions about your marketing strategy, the guide covers the basics of paid marketing that you need to make your mark. Download the guide today.

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