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E-book: How to optimize your dynamic product ad (DPA) campaigns

With 94% of marketers stating that personalization is critical to their current and future success, offering an experience tailored to your users’ individual needs is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are still ways to get ahead of the competition: savvy optimizations can improve the user experience and streamline the path to purchase, ensuring your campaigns are aligned with your user funnel. To guide you through this process, our e-book outlines how to optimize your campaigns when setting up dynamic product ads.

What’s in Adjust’s dynamic product ads e-book?

There are four key components to incorporating dynamic product ads into your marketing strategy: key events (what you’ll track), target audience (who you’re targeting), product catalog (what you’re advertising) and deep links (how the user will find what you’re advertising). Our e-book explores best practices and common pitfalls for each component, sharing ways in which you can optimize your DPA set-up for best results.

For example, we outline the relationship between the events you track and your ability to deep link the user into specific in-app locations. This includes the use of custom parameters that are specific to your app’s functions, giving users pathways to every stage in your user funnel.

If you’re interested in improving your DPA campaigns, streamlining the user experience and learning how each stage is inherently linked, download our e-book today.

Is this e-book relevant for my app?

Starting with event tracking and finishing up with advice on ad frequency, this guide takes you through the process of setting up DPAs and identifies key areas in which you can improve their performance. We give you actionable advice that isn’t limited to one platform: it can be applied to Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, but also your DPA setup on other platforms. Similarly, while we use e-commerce as our prime example throughout the guide, many of the optimizations are also relevant for verticals such as Gaming and Travel.

Because deep linking is a key component of DPAs, we also suggest that you take a look at our overall guide to deep linking (read it here to get up to speed). This shares what deep links can do and how they can be effectively applied, giving you a solid basis to push forward with your DPA set up.

By incorporating DPAs into your overall marketing strategy, you’re considerably strengthening your marketing arsenal. To find out more about how Adjust can help you with dynamic product ads, get in contact with our team.

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