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Surging app demand boosts mobile marketing opportunities in INSEA

The expanding digital infrastructure across India and Southeast Asia (INSEA) has created a growing demand for apps that cater to the unique needs of local markets. This soaring consumer demand for mobile apps is also led by the increasing number of smartphone users who rely on their devices for communication, entertainment, shopping, and more.

In fact, India and Indonesia rank in the top five countries globally in terms of both volume of users and percentage of population. By October 2022, India alone had 790 million wireless broadband subscribers. In the same year, Southeast Asia (SEA) saw an increase in internet users by 20 million.

As we move forward into 2023, we can expect to see continued changes in the market, particularly in terms of which verticals present the most significant potential for opportunities in mobile advertising.

App marketers to leverage this booming app market

Savvy mobile app developers and marketers have taken advantage of this opportunity to create innovative applications that cater to these markets. For those looking to follow suit, we’ve teamed up with Sensor Tower to create an ebook just for you.

In this comprehensive, data-rich ebook, you’ll find an analysis of regional download, install, session, retention, and stickiness trends across gaming, fintech, shopping, and entertainment verticals. From this data, we can see that 2023 is, indeed, set to offer a range of opportunities for app developers in India and Southeast Asia, despite some minor fluctuations.

Adjust’s and Sensor Tower’s regional data reveals intriguing trends. For example, home-headquartered apps comprise a significant proportion of downloaded fintech apps in various countries.

Session lengths were particularly impressive for shopping apps in Southeast Asia. And lower-than-global retention and stickiness rates across the region indicate an immense potential to keep users engaged over the month post-install.

A focus on user lifetime value, achieved through careful segmentation, refined onboarding, an exceptional user experience, and a robust retention strategy, can attract high-quality users in the INSEA region. For app marketers looking to outperform the competition and drive growth in 2023, it’s time to get started making these data-driven decisions with centralized data, measurement, and analytics.

Get your hands on all of the data here, to get ahead of these trends: Exploring INSEA’s mobile app landscape.

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