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Download now! The essentials of mobile app attribution ebook

With mobile apps set to become a US$490 billion-dollar industry in 2024, worldwide revenue growth continues as users are forecasted to increase their app spending by 10% this year.

While this is great news for mobile app marketers and developers in 2024, they also need to carefully consider how they will accurately measure their marketing efforts in light of the new privacy era, with frameworks like Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and the upcoming Google's Privacy Sandbox on Android making granular measurement more complex.

Before spending a single ad dollar, study the most up-to-date information on attribution in our brand new ebook The essentials of mobile app attribution.

A glimpse at what’s inside this ebook

Get an in-depth explanation of mobile app attribution, which is the science of assigning credit to a specific marketing campaign or channel for driving an install or engagement. Attribution helps marketers better understand the user journey, identify their best campaigns, prove their marketing return on investment (ROI), and more. Designed for the modern growth marketer, we also detail the ins-and-outs of how to tackle attribution in the context of data-privacy frameworks, regulations, and developments.

Get all the information you need on:

  • The 12 key reasons mobile attribution is vital for app marketing
  • How mobile attribution and ad engagement work
  • What attribution windows, waterfalls, and models are
  • How to perform attribution in the new privacy era
  • The benefits of working with a mobile attribution provider
  • How to measure everything, make the most of your budget, and grow your app

Simon “Bobby” Dussart

CEO, Adjust

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