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Employee story: Khachen’s experiences launching Adjust in Thailand

For our latest employee story, we had a chat with Sales Manager Thailand Khachen Techahadsadin. Read on to hear about his journey into tech, experiences working remotely and how he’s bringing Adjust to the Thai market.

Khachen’s background in sales and passion for meeting new people and exchanging placed him perfectly for the role of Sales Manager at Adjust. Based in the fast-growing mobile market of Thailand, which is also the biggest in terms of gaming revenue in southeast Asia, Khachen works closely with the SEA team and HQ in Berlin while focusing on and tailoring everything for his home market.

Tell us a bit about your background and what led you to Adjust?

There’s no better feeling for me than being able to offer someone a solution that can solve their problems - and that’s why I began my career as a salesperson. I’ve always had a strong interest in technology and the first time I heard about digital advertising, I was excited by how broad the potential to understand and reach users and target audiences is - particularly when comparing the online and offline sales worlds. We’re in an era where everything is changing very quickly, and where new technologies are emerging every day.

I first heard of Adjust when I was working at an ad-tech company and was interested from day one, largely thanks to its reputation as the leading mobile measurement company. When an opportunity presented itself, I applied, and here I am - happily!

What is your day-to-day like working remotely from Thailand?

The best thing about working remotely is that it gives me a lot of freedom. And I can work from anywhere, which is a big plus. Despite being remote, I still feel very connected to the team. I get to work closely with the SEA team, which in addition to the SEA office in Singapore, has people working remotely from Vietnam and Indonesia. We’re in lots of places and managing lots of markets, but we work together and support one another as much as possible. We communicate via Slack throughout the day and also have weekly calls to discuss current projects and to catch up.

Even though the position is called ‘Sales Manager’, the actual work goes far beyond sales itself. I believe the key to sales is to educate the market, and Adjust’s technology is new to Thailand. So aside from connecting with customers and clients, my role gives me the opportunity to work closely with the marketing team, local partners and agencies. We work on various projects that educate existing customers while also finding new ones - Adjust’s webinars are a great example of an educational tool that has touchpoints with lots of departments.

What is it like working in a team that takes care of so many markets?

At first, I felt a bit anxious as the only Thai sales manager working as part of such a diverse, international team. As soon as I started working, however, everyone was incredibly nice, welcoming and highly professional. I love how everyone supports each other and helps to answer all questions - even the minor ones. All of my colleagues are just very enthusiastic when it comes to working as a team, and we share lots of common interests which makes it fun from the social side as well.

Being a part of the team at Adjust is a great experience in general. It’s impressive how well the company takes care of its employees. I’m always very pleasantly surprised when I receive unexpected gifts and swag in my mailbox from HQ during the festive seasons or to help with working from home during lockdowns and so on. These little things make me feel delighted to get to work for a company and in a team that has this comforting and attentive culture.

What’s one of the biggest achievements you’ve experienced setting up Adjust’s Thai market?

The first step of establishing Thailand as a new market was a challenge in itself. The amazing support I received from the team played a big role in helping me overcome issues like competitor-comparisons and translation of e-books to help educate the market. We were able to break down barriers and adapt everything needed to approach the Thai market. You can have the best technology in the world, but if it’s not backed up with an equally strong team, its potential will be limited. In that sense, it’s been a privilege to get the ball rolling with the support of various departments at Adjust.

The marketing team, for example, helped me to localize content and strengthen the visibility of Adjust in the Thai language. There’s also been a lot of support from the partnerships team, who have helped with co-expertise to get things like webinars going - which are integral to expanding and educating future prospects, and are one of the most successful tools in boosting a new market.

We’re always on the lookout for great new talent and team members, and have a range of open positions available across our markets and international offices. Whether you want to work at our HQ in Berlin, in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing or anywhere in between, take a look at our current opportunities here or head to our careers page to learn more about Adjust and what it’s like to work for us.

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