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Gaining visibility with view-through attribution: Download our ebook!

Industry-wide privacy changes coupled with a complex economic environment mean that implementing the most efficient campaign optimization strategy possible is essential. Often overlooked, view-through attribution (VTA) can be a pivotal component in this equation. By providing the full picture of the journey to install, engagement, or re-engagment, all channels that influenced a user’s action are credited—not just the one that drove the click.

When only using click-through only attribution, advertisers can falsely reach the conclusion that a specific channel isn’t converting, or that the attributed channel is doing the heavy lifting on its own. Armed with the information unlocked by VTA, marketers gain the insights needed for a complete assessment of campaign performance, including the uplift or assisting power one channel may provide to another. For example, you might find that channel A converts significantly better when an ad is shown on channel B within a certain time frame, or vice versa.

In this ebook, Gaining visibility with view-through attribution: A mobile marketer’s playbook, we examine click and impression data across regions and app verticals, providing marketers with benchmarks needed to effectively leverage VTA in tandem with their existing last- and multi-touch click models. We outline the benefits, dive into use cases, provide our best practices, and equip you to get started. We also go into detail on the significance of connected TV (CTV) as an impression-based/assisting channel, and provide insights from TikTok, Samsung, Snap Inc. and tv Scientific.

A preview of what’s inside:

  • A look at the VTA adoption landscape by region and vertical. Sneak peak: Japan has the highest overall adoption rate.
  • An exploration of the relationship between clicks, impressions, and installs. Hint: A drop in one doesn't always lead to a drop in the other.
  • The breakdown of click and impression share across iOS and Android.
  • Our five VTA best practices and recommended measurement windows.
  • Details on how to monitor VTA for CTV campaigns.

For the data, insights, and details on how to improve your campaign optimization by implementing VTA, download the ebook here!

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