What are events?

Glossary Events

The definition of event

Events are actions performed by users within an app, such as completing a level or making a purchase. Any and all actions within apps can be defined as an event. These can be tracked with your mobile measurement partner (MMP) to learn how users interact with your app.

Why are events important?

The importance of events depends on what you choose to track. As any action could be an event, it’s important to get setup with events that are relevant to your app. Savvy marketers will plan which events they want to track ahead of time, having deduced what works for their particular app, use case and workflow.

Once you’ve started receiving data, you’ll learn how users navigate and interact with your interface, including what they like and where the friction is. Events also have a purpose in how you attribute a chain of events, known as a ‘conversion chain,’ which lead to revenue events (the actions that exchange money for in-app value.) Conversion chains prove engagement and allow you to understand the events that could be optimized, and the places that could give you more opportunities to add further revenue events. Without tracking events which lead to conversions, you could lose out on the data that informs critical decisions.

Contrarily, it’s easy to get bogged down with too much irrelevant data. Therefore, it’s important to track specific milestones or actions. For example, in a gaming app, you may want to track finishing the first level, or first few chapters, or even the first achievement, as opposed to the fifth or sixth level, as understanding why users drop off early could be more valuable than why they disappear later.

Events and Adjust

With Adjust, marketers are able to set events manually within the platform in order to track whatever they need. From there, we take care of the technology behind tracking, tallying points scored and purchases made, and the entire chain in between.

With our data clearly organized in the dashboard, you can download and manipulate as you please, figure out the places that might need optimization, and gauge just how successful your app is – and what you can improve to make it better.

To find the full documentation on event tracking, and how to setup custom events in our dashboard, click here.

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