What is gametech?

Glossary What is gametech?

Mobile gaming continues to grow and remains one of the most explosive app verticals. Between Q3 2020 and Q3 2022, gaming apps on the Google Play Store grew from 385,551 to 490,267 – a 27% increase. Over this period, gaming app users have spent 5% more time each day in-app, retention has increased by nearly 17%, and stickiness has grown by 6%. To accommodate this cultural shift to in-hand gameplay, technologies and analytics companies, too, have begun to multiply in an effort to support this flourishing development of mobile games.

What are gaming technologies?

Game technology, or gametech, encompasses any service or solution built specifically to support a game’s development throughout its lifecycle. Of course, there are technologies used by game developers which were not created as a dedicated solution with mobile game development in mind. These technologies are part of the overall gaming ecosystem but do not fall under the gametech category.

Examples across gametech categories

These gaming technologies fall under four categories.

Gametech categories
  • Development

    Tech needed to build the game itself.

    This includes engines like Unity, GameMaker, and O3DE, middleware like Nvidia GameWorks and Audiokinetic Wwise, software management tools like Jira and Hansoft, art tools like Quixel and Blender, localization tools like Smartcat and Memsource, and audio tools like Ableton.

  • Operations

    Tech used to monitor and improve game performance.

    This includes ad monetization tools like AppLovin, analytics tools like Firebase and GameAnalytics, platforms like Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, customer engagement tools like Braze and CleverTap, mediation tools like Max, infrastructure and cloud gaming services like Firebase, and performance monitoring tools like Systrace and Appium.

  • Analysis

    Tech which helps with analysis of the mobile gaming market.

    This includes analytics tools like SensorTower, MobileAction, and Data.ai.

  • Growth

    Tech that provides ad attribution, user acquisition analytics and services, influencer marketing tools, app store optimization, and ad creative technology.

    This includes UA tools like AppDiscovery, attribution tools like Adjust, influencer marketing platforms like Cloutboost and Upfluence, ASO solutions like SplitMetrics and App Radar, and ad creative technologies like Playable Factory and Seepia Games.

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