Case Study: Games2win

About Games2win

Games2win is a leading casual mobile games publisher based in India. Their games have been downloaded over 475 million times and are played by over 15 million monthly active players. Games2win is the publisher of global hit titles in the Dress Up, Car Driving & Interactive Story game genres like Driving Academy, Decisions, International Fashion Stylist, and more.

The Challenge

As a data-driven company, it was critical for Games2win to have data that was coherent and accurate to pave the way for better engagement and monetization. While India is among the top download markets in the world, it lags behind on game monetization in comparison to countries like the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and Japan. As a result,  their strategy had been to focus on building the best possible free-to-play product that could scale organically.

However, by 2019 they were ready to start building out their user acquisition (UA) model. It quickly became evident that they needed a strong attribution partner to provide the accurate data that is critical in making decisions.

Tejas Shah

Head of Revenue & Distribution, Games2win

The Solution

Having just begun with UA, Games2win wasn’t sure which metrics they should be looking at. The Adjust team spent time helping them build an understanding of what metrics are available, how to set up dashboards, and which metrics could be beneficial as campaign KPIs, like average revenue per user (ARPU), return on ad spend (ROAS), and click to install time (CTIT).

With ROAS as their chosen KPI, Games2win’s MIS and Analytics teams created internal dashboards and reports to help their Product, Monetization, and UA teams make data-driven decisions. Cohort-level data and campaign spend data were used extensively to understand cost per install, lifetime value (LTV), retention, and more. They were also empowered to explore the granular performance and impact of creatives by platform.

Tejas Shah

Head of Revenue & Distribution, Games2win

Ultimately, Adjust provided Games2win with a single location to monitor their spend, negating the need to visit multiple partner platforms and wade through misaligned data points.

The Results

With data from Adjust to back campaigns, Games2win has been able to:

  • Increase UA spend 200% year-on-year
  • Automate raw data exports
  • Gain deeper analysis and insights into user-level data
  • Position themselves strategically to prepare for the growth of game monetization in India anticipated in coming years

Tejas Shah

Head of Revenue & Distribution, Games2win

Unbiased and accurate attribution continue to be among the most critical components of their business strategy. Next, Games2win aims to be the largest casual gaming company in the world for Dress-Up, Car Driving, and Interactive Story games.