The secret to successful deep linking - A mobile marketer’s guide

Deep linking allows users to navigate between the mobile web and apps easily. With some clever application, app marketers would see an improvement in conversions by using deep link technology in a smart way. But how do marketers do it? In our guide, we’ll dive through what deep links are all about, and help you to understand what deep links are, how they work, and how you can apply them to remove the friction of your user journey. Dive in, below!

This report will show you:

  1. The types of deep links that exist, and how to use them
  2. The inner workings of deep linking
  3. What makes iOS's Universal Linking different

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Everything you need to learn about deep linking, in one place

What is deep linking?

Our guide uncovers deep linking on a deep level, with great insights on how to use them. Download the guide to learn what they can help you achieve.

Different types of deep links

Did you know there’s more than one kind of deep link? With the guide, you’ll understand the difference, and be able to cater your approach to different needs, depending on what you want to achieve.

How deep links work

Deep linking is clever technology for a simple problem - how to help users navigate from the mobile web to applications. Without it, users wouldn’t be able to simply jump from one stage to the next - but it’s more complicated than it seems. Discover why, here.

Universal links, deep links structures and much more

Want to know what really makes universal links different to deep links? In our guide, you can learn more than just the naming, and see why Apple decided to make their own solution - which we fully integrate. Download the deep link guide to find out more.

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