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CTV AdVision recognized as Best New Measurement Tool in 2022 Cynopsis Model D Awards

The Adjust team is delighted to announce that CTV AdVision, our innovative connected TV (CTV) analytics solution, has been recognized as the Best New Measurement Tool by the Cynopsis Model D Awards.

Cynopsis honors the best in digital advertising through its Model D Awards. As CTV entered the digital campaign scene, it was thought to be an elusive marketing channel. Without clear attribution, marketers leaned on CTV very little, and only as a platform for brand campaigns. Then came 2022, along with Adjust’s industry-leading CTV AdVision. A first for marketers, AdVision is an all-in-one measurement solution that transforms CTV into a performance channel.

The new frontier of CTV measurement

Made for app marketers, AdVision is a revolutionary tool at the forefront of both CTV to CTV and CTV to Mobile campaign performance measurement. AdVision gives marketers the insights they need to drill into the digital powerhouse that is CTV. This includes CTV’s assistive strength, which is demonstrated through Datascape’s Assists dashboard. Here, the value of CTV in backing multi-channel campaigns across mobile and web is evidenced by clear visualizations.

With AdVision, app marketers can quickly scale with accurate measurement, analysis, and optimization of their CTV campaigns.

Looking for more information? View the full list of Cynopsis Model D Awards winners, or learn more about Adjust’s CTV Advision.

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