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Just released! The mobile app growth report: Discover your next UA gold mine

We’re extremely excited to today launch our brand new Mobile app growth report, a data-driven deep dive into the global mobile app marketing landscape. Based on our entire 2023 dataset, we’ve uncovered, analyzed, and compared regions, countries, and app verticals all over the world. Aimed at providing developers and user acquisition managers with the information they need to uncover their next gold mine, this comprehensive set of leaderboards represents an exciting new approach to insights for next-generation growth marketers.

By developing a brand new methodology to demonstrate the relationship between installs, cost per install, and user lifetime value, Adjust’s Growth Score is normalized and weighted to ensure the most accurate comparisons and rankings. As a new tool in your toolkit, the Growth Score will help you cut through the noise, navigate complexity, and find the right users.

A preview of what’s inside:

  • While not often identified as a “high growth” market, Europe achieved the second highest regional Growth Score (35.9).
  • In line with projections and soaring adoption rates, the third ranked country overall is Brazil (29.3).
  • Travel apps are performing exceptionally well worldwide, achieving the third highest vertical Growth Score (41.6).
  • Among all mobile gaming sub verticals, Action had the highest score, but this differs by region.
  • A bonus look at Day 1 and Day 7 retention rates across verticals and countries.

Download the Mobile app growth report today to get the rankings, analysis, and expert insights.

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