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Introducing Mobile App Trends 2021: A focus on APAC

Last year we saw an immense shift in how consumers use apps - the habits and trends that were affected throughout lockdown drastically changed people’s daily lives and app usage patterns. Within the APAC region, we saw not only increases in sessions and installs across verticals, but also in time spent in-app and average session lengths.

Notably, many of these trends have persisted moving into 2021. In Adjust’s latest report, Mobile App Trends 2021: A focus on APAC, we take an in-depth look into mobile performance in APAC across the fintech, e-commerce and gaming verticals drawing on our dataset of the top 910 apps tracked in the APAC region combined with industry-insights, the report aims to help developers and marketers understand their users’ habits and equip them with actionable data to build region-focused strategies.

Key findings include

  • Installs and sessions in APAC grew by 31% and 54% respectively, from 2019 to 2020. This upward trend is continuing in 2021.
  • Almost all verticals grew in all countries - with fintech and hyper casual gaming backing up their impressive lockdown spikes with sustained growth in 2021.
  • Despite the huge boost of installs and sessions seen in early 2020, retention rates were actually very consistent throughout the year - in Q4, the day 30 average was highest at 5.68%.
  • Average session lengths increased from 22.78 minutes in 2019 to 24.24 minutes in 2020 - but have regressed slightly to 23.78 minutes for Q1 2021.

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