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Out now! Adjust’s Mobile Streaming Report 2021

Use of streaming services on mobile or via a Connected TV (CTV) is soaring - in fact, the proliferation of on-demand platforms and services is "the most profound media disruption of the last half-century," according to Peter Katsingris, Nielsen SVP Audience Insights.

For brands, the rise of mobile streaming and Over The Top (OTT) media presents exciting new advertising opportunities. To help marketers adapt to this radical shift in user behavior, Adjust has just released its latest ebook - the Mobile Streaming Report 2021. Based on consumer research across eight key markets, from the US to China, we look at frequency of streaming via mobile, cord-cutting and the rise of CTV, and give marketers tips and tricks to gain an edge in the competitive OTT space.

Key takeaways include:

Most users stream on mobile at least once a day

Consumers across the globe and from all generations stream regularly on mobile. Chinese users lead the pack with 93.75% streaming at least once a week, compared to 69.4% in the U.S. and 45.7% in the U.K. The most streaming-friendly generation is Gen Z, with an average of 90 minutes per session - but users across all age groups stream for at least an hour at a time.

Users are willing to spend big on streaming

Sizable budgets are reserved for streaming and on-demand entertainment services - with users increasingly trading in cable TV to fund streaming subscriptions, or “cord-cutting”. The market forking out the most is Korea, at USD $42.68 per month, and U.S. users aren’t far behind at $33.58 per month. The top streaming-spenders are Millennials and Gen Z, but those 55 and older are increasingly willing to pay. Research from The Trade Desk also shows that approximately 27% of U.S. households plan to cancel their pay-TV package in 2021 - twice as many as in 2020.

CTV is changing the world of television

The report also sheds light on how pervasive second-screening has become around the world, with the rise of Connected TV (CTV). On average, more than three quarters (76%) of all respondents use their mobile phone while watching TV.

The dual screening trend has the potential to create a whole new and interactive brand experience across two devices, and advertisers can tap into this by putting a call-to-action in their TV ads, such as downloading a mobile app via a QR code.

The results of the report show that OTT is more than a new twist on the TV model; it requires a new mindset — and new data — to address the opportunity and measure the results. By understanding how and when consumers stream, as well as which channels drive the most value and deliver the highest marketing impact, the potential to build a large user-base with high lifetime value (LTV) is huge.

Download your copy of the report today to learn more.

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