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Adjust x tvScientific: Partnering for excellence in CTV solutions

We’re excited to announce the latest in our slew of partnerships designed to offer clients and partners unmatched ability to reach, target, and measure audiences on Connected TV (CTV). We’ve now officially teamed up and integrated CTV advertising and marketing platform tvScientific to provide measurement and end-to-end solutions for CTV.

With more than 80% of U.S. households now owning a CTV device, and at least 40% engaging with CTV content on a daily basis, it’s more important than ever to incorporate the channel into your strategy, to develop a channel mix that delivers you the highest quality users, and to successfully attribute and measure those users from impression through to post-install.

tvScientific: A performance platform for CTV

Aiming to make TV advertising accessible and measurable for brands and apps of all sizes, tvScientific offers a self-managed solution custom built for performance marketers. tvScientific’s reach in the industry is ever-expanding, and it recently launched Peacock Ad Manager in partnership with NBCUniversal, allowing marketers to activate performance campaigns across NBCUniversal’s streaming inventory.

The solution simplifies and automated TV buying and optimization by leveraging massive data to prove the actual value of TV advertising. The platform reaches 95% of AVOD inventory using proprietary, deterministic ID technology to measure ad exposure to outcome in an approachable, transparent, and scalable way.

By leveraging first- and third-party audiences and data, tvScientific offers multiple ways to buy on CTV. You can work with pre-built audiences and inventory bundles, retarget visitors with web-to-CTV retargeting, and even decouple CTV from OTT for full control over TV buys. With 16+ audience targeting cohorts to choose from, you can target audiences at a granular level, with segments from age, gender, and zipcode to brand affinity, viewing habits, and offline purchases available.

tvScientific also provides an ‘always on’ incrementality test to adjust for the lack of ad exposure via the so-called walled garden environments. The four step process works as follows:

  • Always on incrementality: Understand net new revenue by comparing win vs. loss bids of a given target audience.
  • Launch placebo campaign: Flight a placebo ad or PSA ad that is irrelevant to your business to a hold out audience built from your target audience.
  • Create holdout group: Hold out a subset of the target audience and suppress from the ad exposure.
  • Match control and exposed: Cultivate bid loss data from the target audience that did not win the CTV auction but matched all required targeting criteria.

Unlock CTV success with Adjust and tvScientific

For many marketers and advertisers, CTV is a relatively new channel, and the ecosystem can appear tricky to tackle. That’s why we’re integrating with partners like tvScientific to make it as straightforward and rewarding as possible.

tvScientific allows you to set up for the audiences and channels you want, and Adjust’s CTV AdVision then enables you to accelerate your growth and scale your reach with measurable campaigns. By bringing all of your attribution data into one place, you can assess the performance of omnichannel marketing campaigns, including the role that CTV and OTT played in driving an install, impression, or any post-install events. This means you can attribute cross-device — if a person is served an ad on CTV and installs your app on mobile, you’ll have full visibility.

For more information on the Adjust’s integration with tvScientific and how to get set up, you can visit our help center here. Or, you can head to our CTV AdVision page to learn more and get in touch for a demo.

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