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Multi-Touch Attribution


What is Multi-Touch Attribution?

Multi-touch attribution, also known as multi-channel attribution, is a way of determining the value of every touch point on the way to a conversion.

Rather than giving all the credit to the first point of contact a user has with an advert (first touch) or the final point of contact (last touch), multi-touch attribution gives credit to every advertising channel a user interacts with on the way to a conversion.

Why is Multi-Touch Attribution Important?

Multi-touch attribution is important in the mobile advertising space for a number of reasons:

  1. Multi-touch attribution better reflects the way that users generally interact with advertising. While first touch or last touch assigns all the credit to an install to one particular moment, multi-touch attribution takes the approach that a user is likely to view multiple ads in multiple different places before hitting the download button.
  2. It ensures that credit is apportioned to publishers across the ecosystem. By rewarding multiple channels for their role in securing the install instead of simply paying one partner, this attribution model helps distribute advertising budget in a fairer way.
  3. Multi-touch attribution helps advertisers identify where value is being generated across their consumer journeys. Smaller publishers who might struggle to get enough credit in blunter attribution models are more likely to be spotted by companies using multi-touch approaches, helping an advertiser to determine value in the long run.

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