Case Study: Affinidi x Adjust

About Affinidi

Affinidi is a technology company that provides decentralized digital identity solutions, putting data ownership back into the hands of its users. They take a comprehensive approach to managing their users' holistic identity, accounting for all aspects of their digital footprint while ensuring privacy and security.

Within Affinidi's trusted digital credentials ecosystem, users can securely store, organize, and exchange data across borders and industries. The data is only accessible to the rightful owners, and not even Affinidi has access to it.

Affinidi is also experimenting and building a holistic identity tech stack for multiple use cases. Their app, Asli ID, is a brand in itself and hosts skilling and job services specifically targeted toward the blue-collar workforce of India.

The Challenge

Affinidi aimed to become the expert in campaign attribution and user journey mapping for their Asli-ID product in India. With a reliance on ad platforms to generate leads, they wanted to be sure their value propositions were backed by robust data.

At first, Affinidi utilized two app measurement solutions (Meta Events Manager and Google Analytics for Firebase) to gain insights into app usage and user engagement. But with two separate sources of data and different attribution windows, it became a challenge to consolidate their findings into one cohesive reference point.

As Affinidi's reach expanded, their requirements for actionable data also evolved. They needed a strong mobile measurement partner that could help them identify and target their most valuable users and channels, improving optimization scores for campaigns and conversion rates.

The Solution

Adjust's mobile attribution platform helped Affinidi optimize their user acquisition strategy by identifying high-quality users and channels. Using Adjust's data, Affinidi's team discovered that their target audience had considerable drop-offs right after downloading the app. However, conversion rates were higher once users started using the app, indicating they were acquiring the right consumers. Secondary research with Adjust enabled the product team to determine that migrating from Android to a web-based app was the best course of action.

Shravan Shenoy

Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Affinidi

After moving Asli-ID to a web-based app, Affinidi used Adjust's deep linking solution and tracker URLs to create a seamless user journey that reduced churn and increased the likelihood of an install and engagement. Affinidi also incorporated the tracker link as the URL for their Meta and Instagram pages, as well as in key content pieces. With Adjust's attribution, Affinidi gained insights into the behavior of their social media followers and new users.

Affinidi aims to become a cornerstone of data privacy, and with privacy as their top priority, attribution posed a challenge without the ability to work with personally identifiable information (PII). With Adjust, however, Affinidi set up attribution that provided privacy-complaint, accurate, granular, and real-time measurement data.

Shravan Shenoy

Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Affinidi

The Results

With the help of Adjust, Affinidi was able to
  • Decrease customer acquisition cost (CAC) by 57%
    With the web app, they reduced it even further.
  • Increase the success rate of in-app lead form submissions with deep links by nearly 30%
  • Increase another in-app event post signup by 40% to nearly 76% now, indicating better campaign optimization.

Shravan Shenoy

Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Affinidi