Case Study: Widogame

About Widogame

Based in Vietnam,  Widogame is a rapidly growing mobile game developer and publisher. The team develops casual games with high stability and long-term value and publishing for global developers.

Widogame has a global project, Commandoo Global Publishing, working with game developers of all sizes across the globe. They work across gaming subverticals and categories including hypercasual, casual, puzzle, action, adventure, and more. Together, they bring these games to the top of app store charts with end-to-end support through promotion, monetization, and optimization.

The Challenge

Widogame needed to monitor campaign performance with the objective of improving retention rate and extending user lifespans for games in the hypercasual and casual subverticals.

As the company continued to expand,  Widogame was also increasing its number of network partners. To bring their analytics ambitions to fruition, the team was looking for a reliable measurement partner that would be able to support integration with numerous network partners.

The Solution

Accurate attribution data from Adjust gave the team the information needed to understand which channels and campaigns were performing better. In turn, this gave Widogame the confidence to increase ad spend and optimize campaigns successfully.

Adjust’s analytics solution, Datascape, allowed  Widogame to build custom dashboards which display all of their user acquisition data in one place. The team focused on measuring retention rate, lifetime value (LTV), engagement, and return on ad spend (ROAS). Datascape facilitated simple, easy management of all campaigns across multiple channels within a single platform.

Lana Phung

CMO, Widogame

Additionally, the company was delighted to gain access to many more network partners than before, paving the way for additional growth.

Lana Phung

CMO, Widogame

The Results

With the help of Adjust, Widogame was able to:
  • Increase installs by 4,900%
  • Grow revenue by 2,200%
  • Expand from one to 10 advertising channels
  • Implement precise segmentation by custom events, channels, and in-app purchases

Lily Truong

Sales Manager, Adjust Vietnam