Blog Turkey becomes HQ for Middle East

Turkey becomes HQ for Middle East

I’m proud to announce that we’ve just opened our new headquarters for the Middle East in Turkey. It will support regional operations and drive growth as the mobile advertising industry expands. We’ve acquired well over 400 new enterprise clients since the start of the year and achieved revenue growth of 20 to 30 percent month-on-month, a strong performance that demonstrates the company’s success on the international stage.

The new Istanbul office will be led by Chief Revenue Officer Hendrik Volp with the support of a new regional Sales Manager, Ender Ozcan, who has over five years of experience in the Turkish mobile industry. Ozcan has spearheaded significant projects for a number of leading clients in the region, including Ford, Grundig and Arçelik.

According to BTK, Turkey’s information and technology authority, mobile penetration in the country was 91 percent at end of 2013, with only 30 percent on smartphones. This indicates a significant growth opportunity in the app space as users transition from regular mobile phones to smartphones.

Consumers in Turkey are attracted to free apps, so the revenue model is focused around mobile advertising, which grew by 24 percent last year to 44.8 million Turkish Lira.

That is a lot of money in someone’s advertising budget that needs to be accounted for, and we’ve been helping brands do just that.

A lot of our international growth has been on the sales and customer support front, driven by our chief revenue officer, Hendrik Volp, so given the mobile environment and opportunities in Turkey, our expansion here and through to Asia and the Middle East makes sense.

In Turkey, game applications dominate the market, followed by messaging and dating apps. We expect that local delivery apps such as taxi and food delivery service apps will also become more popular as the local community embraces the convenience of smartphones. He expects that future global mobile advertising trends will also be reflected in the Turkish market.

Geofencing solutions and iBeacon technology will be expanding, so at adjust, we will be evolving our mobile app attribution and analytics product to meet these needs. We’ll also see native advertisement and rich media advertisement will also continue to grow.

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