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Adjust’s Partner Benchmarks: An essential guide to network, market and vertical performance

The mobile advertising industry has undergone significant change over the past 18 months, and marketers and developers across all regions and verticals have adapted their strategies to reflect this. From shifts in user habits and behaviors as a result of COVID-19 to the shakeup of mobile marketing led by iOS 14.5+, Adjust has supported clients as we’ve grown and adapted together. As part of this mission, we’ve created our first-ever Partner Benchmarks: Performance Insights for Data-Driven Mobile Marketers, an interactive report which provides decision-makers with the insights needed to inform their buying strategies and build out a perfect channel mix.

Designed to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what a typical user acquisition lineup looks like for businesses, developers and marketers across the world, we’ve organized our data into an easy-to-navigate, interactive tool that allows you to easily toggle between regions, verticals and platforms. Based on data from the first half of 2021, we’ve analyzed 272 networks, more than 6 billion paid installs and 160 billion app opens from more than 5,000 apps.

With mobile poised to make up 75% of total digital spend this year, advertisers need insights into the best media sources and partners to work with.

A closer look at the data

We also take a deeper look at industry trends and key findings we’ve identified from the data. We examine how the mobile app economy is expanding worldwide, explore growth trends in gaming, e-commerce and short-form video, and analyze the impact of the pandemic on food delivery apps.

Key findings include:

  • Different regions growing in different verticals: While growth in APAC is still driven by gaming, markets like Turkey are experiencing growth off the back of non-gaming verticals.
  • Gaming still number one for UA: Gaming has long been the top vertical on mobile, and continues to solidify its place through innovation.
  • E-commerce growth in South East Asia: Digital retail share in SEA has grown by 85% this year, indicating that the mobile-first market is outpacing China and India in m-commerce growth.
  • Food delivery apps still thriving: Installs, sessions and revenue continue to skyrocket for food delivery apps as users turn to mobile — even in markets no longer in lockdown.
  • Short-form video is driving growth on social: Overall time spent on short-form video is increasing rapidly, along with the power of the format.

Learn more by exploring the data here.

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