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Out now! Adjust’s Mobile App Trends Report 2020 is here

The global App Economy is a massive yet monstrously competitive market, with an increasingly formidable number of apps all competing for a scarce resource: user attention. To improve your results, you need to turn to industry data to give you the benchmark you need to gauge your performance.

Our newly-released App Trends Report 2020 highlights the trends that are sure to impact your app at every level. Our report equips marketers with insights to boost their results and help plan for the future, and we showcase the metrics marketers must grasp to acquire valuable audiences — and keep them coming back to convert.

The report also focuses on the short-term impacts COVID-19 has had on the App Economy, and whether its effects will sustain. Below you can find a preview of the report, highlighting the distribution of retargeting campaigns by vertical. To get your copy of the full report, click the button below:

Re-engagement by the numbers

Retention marketing is a must, but it’s not a given. Data shows all retention rates fall precipitously after Day 1, underlining the urgency of investing in efforts to re-engage customers. Acknowledging this research should prompt marketers across all verticals to take action. However, Adjust data shows that reality is quite different. Not all app verticals embrace retargeting — but those who do are heavy practitioners. The chart below displays the share of reattributions vs. attributions, revealing the app verticals that employ retargeting campaigns to drive customer connection and generate value.

Key findings

  • Shopping apps rely heaviest on retargeting: 73% of attributions for this vertical are a result of retargeting efforts. This makes sense if we consider the mission of apps in this vertical to win back lapsed users who abandon shopping carts, or simply present them with campaigns to clinch a sale.
  • Marketplace apps perform well when it comes to retaining users organically, bringing back a fair share of users from paid campaigns (24%).
  • Gaming and Entertainment drive an average 3% of users back to their apps via retargeting, showing the bulk of ad spend focuses on user acquisition.

In the App Economy, success isn't a numbers game; it requires strategies that get the right users into your app — and keep them coming back. It’s here that the ability to personalize campaigns and communications is a must. But it’s a massive challenge, demanding marketers evolve their ability to manage customer data and harness it to deliver experiences in real time that are matched to the consumer and their context. Brands such as Nike are well ahead of the curve, with CEO Mark Parker citing that a central aim of the company is “to be more personal at scale.”

For more insights like these, download your copy of the report today.

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