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Facebook and Adjust on the app economy: New report out now!

In collaboration with Facebook, we’ve just released our latest ebook: The Mobile App Growth Report (get the latest Mobile growth report here). We analyzed data from Adjust’s platform to better understand the macro-environment of the app economy, and using our own Growth Score, Adjust has created a global map to highlight mobile app trends outside big, mature markets — showing app marketers where the highest growth potential can be found.

Andrey Kazakov

Chief Operating Officer, Adjust

Some of our topline insights include:

  • Gaming wins globally. Continuing on the findings from last year’s Mobile App Trends 2020 report, games were the top-ranking vertical this year. This is in no small part due to innovative business models like hypercasual.
  • Entertainment has grown rapidly, and subscriptions are the trend to watch. According to research conducted by Adjust, including  Apptopia data, nearly 80% of the top 225 apps in the Google Play Store and nearly 50% of the top 225 apps in the App Store are subscription-based.
  • Latin America dominates gaming, as increased accessibility and growing urban populations spur rapid mobile development. Three of the top-five countries in gaming are in Latin America, with Argentina leading the pack. Vietnam, Brazil, China and Mexico round out the top five.
  • India is growing the fastest, with ever-increasing mobile penetration. Education is the fastest-growing app vertical, while Entertainment is the one to watch as a highly competitive market in streaming and Over the Top (OTT) media emerges.
  • Korea and Vietnam top the charts for ecommerce, as the two fastest-growing markets in mobile-first commerce. For Vietnam in particular, apps there have massive room to grow, building in untapped markets with eager consumers. China, Egypt and Colombia are also strong performers in ecommerce.

We also dive deep into some common myths about mobile marketing strategies that can help you better understand where the conversation is going next.

To read more, please download our latest version of the Mobile app growth report.

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