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Mobile app usage hops up on Lunar New Year 2023

On January 22 this year, millions of families worldwide celebrated Lunar New Year, saying goodbye to the Year of the Tiger and ushering in the Year of the Rabbit. The celebration is customarily marked by family gatherings, feasting, fireworks, and gift-giving. Nowadays, mobile apps play an integral part in all of these traditions. With mobile apps, users can virtually join family gatherings if traveling isn't possible, send virtual greetings to friends and family, easily shop for gifts online, and conveniently get delicious food delivered.

Adjust data shows that mobile app usage during Lunar New Year has continued to grow year-over-year. In this article, we've analyzed installs, sessions, and session lengths to give mobile marketers insights into how key app verticals performed in 2023. In addition to helping craft more robust strategies for next year’s Lunar New Year, these insights can be leveraged to better understand consumer habits in the relevant markets.

Shopping app installs trend upward

On the first day of Lunar New Year celebrations, installs for shopping, marketplace, and deal discovery apps increase as users seek out gifts for their loved ones. Global shopping app installs had year-over-year growth of 10% in 2022 and increased another 7% in 2023.

Shoppers love deal discovery apps

Deal discovery apps saw the most growth this year on Lunar New Year, likely due to the economic difficulties many countries are facing in 2023 so far. Global installs of deal discovery apps on Lunar New Year's day grew 15% from 2022 to 2023. Installs at regional level also saw remarkable growth. On January 22, installs were 10% higher than the month's average in North America, 7% in APAC, and 4% in EMEA. Users also spent more time on deal discovery apps in general, with global average session lengths increasing from 6.31 minutes in 2022 to 6.96 minutes in 2023.

Marketplace app usage surges

Marketplace app installs also trended upward on Lunar New Year's day as global installs rose 3% YoY. APAC saw the most growth compared to other regions, with installs increasing 27% compared to January 2023 average. In EMEA, installs were 7% more than the monthly average, and in North America, installs were 6% higher. Global session lengths for marketplace apps on Lunar New Year's day also saw an uptick, jumping from 11.51 minutes in 2022 to 11.91 minutes in 2023.

Users start the new year with takeout

Food is the most important part of the Lunar New Year celebration, but preparing a variety of dishes can be taxing. That's why many people get food delivered to relax and enjoy their time with friends and family. This Lunar New Year's day, global installs of food delivery apps grew 8% YoY. Global sessions were 4% higher than January's average. Global session lengths for food delivery also jumped from 14.94 minutes in 2022 to 17.39 minutes in 2023.

At regional level, APAC installs were 7% above the January average, and sessions were 3% higher. Installs were 6% higher than the monthly average in North America and climbed 4% in EMEA.

Homemade treats for Lunar New Year

Many opted to make traditional food at home for their reunion dinner, looking up dishes that symbolize luck and prosperity on recipe apps. Global installs of recipe apps on Lunar New Year's day were 14% higher than the January average. Sessions were 13% more than the monthly average. Global session lengths also increased from 12.32 minutes in 2022 to 13.42 minutes in 2023.

APAC saw the most growth in this vertical, with installs for recipe apps 17% above the month’s average, and sessions up 14%. North America had the second-highest growth rate, as installs were 9% more than the monthly average. EMEA followed, where installs were 2% higher than January's average.

Users turn to mobile games for entertainment

Gaming app installs and sessions have increased year after year during Lunar New Year as users play games to connect with family members who are away and pass the time once the celebrations are over. Global installs of gaming apps saw a boost of 2% in 2023 YoY. Sessions grew 4% compared to the monthly average. Global session lengths for gaming apps on Lunar New Year's day have also increased, jumping from 31.33 minutes in 2022 to 32.29 minutes in 2023.

APAC and North America had impressive growth, with gaming app installs 17% higher than the monthly average in both regions. Sessions in APAC were also up by 7% compared to the monthly average. In EMEA, installs were 8% above January's average.

Lunar New year presents a prime opportunity for mobile apps to acquire new users, engage existing ones, and boost revenue. By tailoring marketing efforts to this holiday, app marketers can strengthen relationships with their users and increase brand loyalty. You can offer promotions and unique products and services to increase engagement. It's also essential to incorporate Lunar New Year's cultural heritage and traditions in the messaging and creatives and focus on localization. Most importantly, app marketers must start planning and executing marketing efforts well in advance of the holiday to ensure that your campaigns stand out and effectively reach your target audience. We look forward to seeing how these verticals continue to perform throughout the Year of the Rabbit.

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