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Out now! The Mobile Shopping Apps Report 2020

Mobile has become “the starting and ending point for more consumer journeys than ever before”. And as more shoppers turn to mobile as the first touchpoint for inspiration, browsing and buying, mobile technologies have to evolve to serve those users.

With Shopping apps soaring in use and popularity, marketers need to find and grasp opportunities to increase business while keeping users engaged. Adjust and Liftoff have partnered to deliver insights into the KPIs that drive m-commerce with their latest collaboration: The Mobile Shopping Apps Report 2020.

It’s never been a better time to be a retail app

Liftoff and Adjust’s analysis points to a golden age for shopping apps. At $19.47, the cost to acquire a user who completes a first purchase has decreased by more than half year-over-year. Meanwhile, engagement has surged 40%, as 14.7% purchase rates tower over last year’s 10.5%.

The data paints a healthy picture of Shopping apps, even with COVID-19 driving stay-at-home orders. Consumers seem to be leaning on mobile shopping even more readily post-pandemic: while install costs are relatively stable throughout the year, they drop to their annual low of $2.48 in March 2020 — just as shelter-in-place peaked.

For a deeper look at the data, as well as insights on regional trends, download your copy of the report here.

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