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What is K-Factor?

K-Factor as a term defines the impact that paid traffic has on organic, essentially gauging whether organic installs improve with an increase in paid activity.

Why is K-Factor important?

By measuring K-Factor, you could find that your marketing spend has a greater influence on your total number of installs than you previously thought. If K-factor can be proven as a result of your ad spend, you then have another incentive to scale up those campaigns.

An example of K-Factor in action

Say that your paid activities increase download volume, then this could have a knock-on effect of your ranking in the App or Play Store. And with that boost in rank, you could attract more organic traffic too.

K-Factor could also be improved because of an uptick in impressions, as users see your ads more frequently but download the app when they’re browsing on a store.

We performed a study on K-Factor to better understand how it works in the real world. Click here to take a look.

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