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Adjust CTV AdVision: The first comprehensive CTV measurement solution

Connected TV (CTV) advertising is now a must for mobile marketers. Our research shows that over 90% of consumers watch CTV while using their mobile phones. Yet, in the recent past, many marketers were hesitant adding CTV to their marketing strategy because they found its advertising ecosystem fragmented, complex to measure, and often expensive. In short, a risk.

However, CTV can no longer be ignored as consumer adoption is increasing exponentially. From series to interactive games, TV viewing has transformed from passive to active, to even interactive. In the US alone, 82% of households have access to a connected TV, and CTV ad spend is predicted to surpass $21 billion this year as more marketers leverage this growing channel.

At Adjust, we’re proud to release the first comprehensive CTV solution that offers app marketers more CTV visibility than ever before. Presenting: CTV AdVision.

ctv measurement and attribution

With CTV becoming a more prominent channel in advertising, we knew marketers needed to be able to prove ROI on their CTV campaigns, so we built CTV AdVision to empower them to do so. At the forefront of CTV measurement, CTV AdVision is the first comprehensive solution offering CTV tracking, visualizations, and impact. At its core, this product suite allows marketers to accurately measure, analyze, and optimize CTV campaigns and see how CTV channels perform compared to other channels. CTV AdVision provides marketers with the additional KPIs needed to properly evaluate the performance of CTV campaigns. Additionally, we've made sure to secure partnerships with leading CTV providers such as The Trade Desk and tvScientific.

With CTV AdVision, marketers can:

  • Measure CTV campaign influence on mobile apps
  • Analyze the assisting value of CTV campaigns on other campaigns
  • Measure the impact of CTV app campaigns
  • Create and track QR codes optimized for CTV in the Adjust dashboard
  • Enjoy our top partner integrations, including Samsung
  • Customize their attribution waterfall to see CTV campaign influence

One thing marketers will find truly indispensable in this solution is the CTV Dashboard we’ve designed. At a glance, clients can see how their CTV campaigns are performing overall and view the impact of CTV campaigns with metrics like installs, retention, revenue, and ROI.

CTV Dashboard in CTV AdVision

Ready to analyze CTV’s assisting power?

What sets CTV AdVision apart is that it offers marketers the ability to analyze the assisting power of CTV. This assist aspect sheds light on the extent to which CTV is helping other channels to convert and improve ROI.

For example, a client can see how many users have seen a particular CTV ad before coming to their app via social media. And not only that, they can understand the impact of this specific CTV ad by asking questions such as: “Do users who have seen my CTV ad and converted via social media spend more money compared to users who’ve simply converted via social media without viewing any CTV ads?”

With CTV AdVision, marketers possess the KPIs needed specifically for CTV advertising and, in so doing, can transform CTV into a performance channel. In the next decade, CTV is the digital space where we’ll see the most innovation. Therefore, now is the time for marketers to explore CTV advertising. We’re proud to offer them CTV AdVision so they can understand what works best for their CTV and overall marketing strategies.

Find out more about CTV AdVision, and how you can get set up with CTV advertising here.

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