Blog Pride app trends we’re loving in 2023

Pride app trends we’re loving in 2023

It’s June, so first, we’d like to say Happy Pride Month! As we celebrate, we’ve been taking note of the hottest LGBTQIA+ trending features among dating apps. From social media style profiles to building friendship-oriented communities and adding more gender options, there’s been a lot of newsworthy activity among LGBTQIA+ dating apps in recent months. Below, we cover some of the more eye-catching trends and share how some of our employees have been getting involved with pride.

Adjust and Pride Month

Adjust is proud to be an LGBTQIA+ inclusive workplace. As such, we were honored to sponsor Adjust employees who took part in this year’s AIDS/Lifecycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The event raised critical funds to improve the quality of life for those living with HIV/AIDS and to reduce new HIV infections, with contributions going to the San Francisco Aids Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

We asked one of our Adjust employees to share how we can be more inclusive of our LGBTQIA+ co-workers. We appreciate their spot-on responses and will continue to strive to learn.

Daniel Romero

Product Marketing Manager, Adjust

To learn more about working at Adjust and our inclusive work culture, we invite you to check out our Careers page.

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