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About Netmarble

Netmarble Turkey, an office of Netmarble Games centered in Istanbul, provides services for game developing, mobile game publishing, marketing, localization and PR as well as QA and IT services for gaming and internet industries. Netmarble Turkey also develops, publishes and offers 3rd party support for internet projects in addition to the gaming sector.

About Netmarble Games Corporation

Netmarble Games Corp. strives to enrich people's lives by providing great games to global audiences. Based in Seoul, Korea, Netmarble Games Corp. has produced some of the most successful mobile games such as MARVEL Future Fight, Raven Evilbane in U.S.), Seven Knights, Everyone's Marble, and Monster Taming. The company has more than 2,500 employees worldwide, numerous studios and consistently ranks as a top developer and publisher in Asia and globally. Netmarble Games Corp. has a strategic partnership with CJ E&M Corporation, Asia’s largest entertainment company, Tencent Holdings, Asia’s largest internet company, and NCsoft, a prominent MMO company, as company shareholders. The company is the largest shareholder to SGN, a leading casual game developer.

Netmarble Games Corp. has strong presence in Turkey, Middle East and Africa region with the leading brands such as No.1 game portal Joygame, content portal TicTacTown and popular games such as Wolfteam, Goley, Paramanya, Travelling Millionaire and MARVEL Future Fight.

The Challenge

Measuring mobile marketing effectiveness in real-time

Netmarble Turkey utilized Adjust's comprehensive, flexible solutions to effectively collect and segment data for optimum results. By strategically deploying Adjust's dynamic tracker URL features and using cohort analysis data to modify its techniques in response to to user behavior, the Travelling Millionaire game landed the top spot in the Google Play and the App Store for several weeks. Here's how they did it.

After fully localizing Travelling Millionaire with the 100% exclusive Turkish & Arabic content, Netmarble had a target to reach 1 million players in its initial launch in Turkey. With this big target in mind, Netmarble prepared an aggressive 360-degree marketing plan. Netmarble optimized to reach high numbers of concurrent users (CCUs) to maximize the number of potential matches for multi-player games.

Netmarble's approach included mobile acquisition campaigns, TV advertorials and banners, outdoor advertising, and a combination of viral videos and influencer marketing.

Netmarble wanted to monitor the success of each of its marketing channels in real-time and measure user retention, ROI, sessions and other KPIs. As the game can be played with up to 4 other users in real-time, they also wanted to measure concurrent users.

The Solution

What happened once Netmarble switched to Adjust?

Using Adjust's flexible tracker system, Netmarble created unique trackers for each marketing channel, including each piece of published content online, all of its PR bulletins, affiliate campaigns and influencer channels, as well as the 14 different Vine Celebrities it commissioned for viral promotion. The company also made use of Adjust's integrated partners to run seamless campaigns on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and with non-incent mobile ad networks.

On top of this, Netmarble also had TV advertorials, the first one being released on May 22, 2015 on the Beyaz Show, the most viewed program in Turkey. In addition to the advertorials, Netmarble secured product placement on "Survivor Show," which ranks among the highest-rated Turkish television shows, and on Medcezir, Turkey's most popular TV series. By using unique install tracking links (trackers) for each marketing channel, Netmarble was able to measure the effectiveness of each campaign in real-time. The immediacy of the results allowed the company to react early to any indications of low performing campaigns, and to continue engaging the marketing channels that were delivering the best results. For its purposes, Netmarble looked at second day and seventh day retention as an indicator of campaign performance and were able to invest only in the channels that delivered high retention rates within this time frame.

Using Adjust's cohort analysis, Netmarble was also able to measure the uplift of organic installs from its TV activity; after being featured on the Beyaz program the user base increased from 933 to over 18,000 in a matter of hours. It also measured substantial install spikes from the product placements on Medcezir reaching over 60,000 installs in two days.

The Result

Netmarble optimized to an 82% decrease in CPI

With the aggressive approach to TV marketing, Netmarble increased brand recognition of Travelling Millionaire and were able to decrease its CPI from $1.1 to $.20 effectively.

Travelling Millionaire reached over 2 million downloads in less than 3 months, keeping the #1 download rank in Google Play and the iTunes App Store for several weeks.

Within the first day of Netmarble's big launch, Paramanya reached 10,000 concurrent users and following the full marketing launch the game reached over 30,000 concurrent users.

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