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Adjust launches Connected TV Ad to Mobile Measurement

We’re happy to announce the launch of Connected TV Ad to Mobile Measurement (now part of CTV AdVision) the latest addition to our Connected TV (CTV) and OTT Campaign Measurement offering.

As a leading innovator in CTV measurement, our solution enables mobile marketers to measure app conversions and post-install events triggered by CTV ads. With data on CTV campaigns included in the Adjust dashboard (Datascape), advertisers can easily assess and compare performance across all channels, all in one place. Leveraging this data, marketers can understand how their CTV and OTT advertising strategy impacts their entire marketing mix. With this cross-device insight, Connected TV Ad to Mobile Measurement enables marketers to drive growth, prove ROI and inform marketing strategies in the CTV space.

As CTV and streaming popularity grows exponentially year-over-year (total time spent with CTV devices grew 81% in the U.S. last year, from 183.5 million unique users), Adjust is committed to helping clients meet their users where they are, empowering them to serve engaging ads that can be confidently measured and attributed. As CTV grows, so does its influence as an advertising medium, making it essential for marketers and developers to understand its role in the user journey. We recently explored this topic with DCMN to build the ultimate how-to guide on adding CTV campaigns to your marketing mix, find it here.

More recently, we published our ebook looking at how app marketers can master CTV and published a deep-dive style guide exploring how to effectively unlock CTV as a powerful performance channel.

Connected TV Ad to Mobile Measurement — understanding the difference

You might already be familiar with our Connected TV App Measurement solution, which focuses on helping marketers maximize the adoption of their apps on CTV devices. With integrations for major CTV platforms, including Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku, Connected TV App Measurement allows clients to understand which campaigns are driving installs in the CTV-to-CTV space, whereas Connected TV Ad to Mobile Measurement is designed to attribute installs and impressions on mobile, to ads displayed on CTV.

We’re empowering advertisers to turn an awareness channel into a performance channel.

Ads shown on CTV devices can now be attributed, cross-device, by Adjust to mobile app installs, impressions and post-install events. This enables the measurement of conversions on mobile apps driven by CTV, allowing marketers to calculate the ROI on their CTV advertising strategy and to identify the impact of CTV on their full-funnel marketing campaigns.

Update: Check out our latest solution CTV AdVision

In 2022, Adjust launched the first comprehensive CTV measurement solution — CTV AdVision. App marketers can now assess the assisting power of CTV campaigns for conversions on other channels as well as measure CTV to CTV and CTV to Mobile campaigns.

To learn more about CTV and the solutions Adjust offers email or request a demo today!

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