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Game on! Adjust & AppLovin’s Gaming app insights report is here

The past 18 months presented unprecedented challenges to mobile games studios and marketers, and the landscape is growing increasingly complex and competitive. In short, achieving scalable growth is a lot harder than it used to be. That’s exactly why Adjust and AppLovin have teamed up to bring you The gaming app insights report: Unlocking growth opportunities for mobile marketers.

The report equips marketers and developers in the mobile games space with the most up-to-date ways to approach app growth in 2024, and beyond. You’ll get the latest on leveraging generative AI, navigating privacy rules and regulations, building a next-gen tech and measurement stack, and strategically diversifying segments and revenue streams.

Packed with insights, tips, and expert analysis, we take an extremely granular look at the latest gaming app data and benchmarks. Dive into everything from installs and sessions to retention rates, cost and revenue metrics, click through rates, and more.

Key findings and what you’ll get in the report:

  • Learn from AppLovin experts on hybrid monetization, genre bending, metaplay, and other mechanisms high-growth games studios are employing for maximum impact.
  • See results from top gaming app businesses and the strategic changes they employed in action.
  • Get SparkLabs and AppLovin’s insights into how leveraging generative AI in the creative process can drastically increase production and team efficiency.
  • Despite overall lower performance for mobile games in 2023, installs grew 7% YoY in Q4, and sessions are up 3% in January 2024 compared to January 2023.
  • Many subverticals also saw substantial installs and sessions growth, including racing, simulation, arcade, and adventure.
  • Hybrid casual further distinguished itself  from hyper casual on the retention and monetization side. Retention is two percentage points higher than hyper casual and cost-per-click is the same despite hybrid casual’s click-through rate being two percentage points higher. Average revenue per monthly active user for hybrid casual is huge 800% higher than hyper casual.

To learn more about the growth opportunities in the mobile gaming space and how you can take advantage of them to scale your app this year, secure your copy of The gaming app insights report: Unlocking growth opportunities for mobile marketers today.

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