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Mobile app trends 2023 is here: Download your copy!

It’s always been essential that mobile marketers are ruthlessly data-driven and strategic. Now, with the combination of an economic downturn, recent drop-off in mobile usage, heightened user acquisition (UA) costs, and challenges of the ever-evolving data privacy space, this necessity is more pronounced than ever before.

In 2023, the teams that focus on optimizing performance and maximizing returns with accurate attribution data, in-depth reporting, key insight identification, and tactical cross-platform growth will see the most success. To unlock how, we’ve created the 2023 edition of Mobile app trends: A global benchmark of app performance. Spanning mobile e-commerce, fintech, gaming, and the industry at large, the ebook provides analysis of actionable data and explores the key topics marketers should focus on to drive undisrupted growth despite a continually transforming mobile ecosystem.

Dive in today for everything you need to gain an edge on the competition and accelerate your app’s growth.

A preview of what's inside:

  • Exploration of the data privacy status quo, how to implement strategic channel diversification, and why you should be leveraging centralized data and media mix modeling (MMM).
  • ATT opt-in rates are continuing to climb, up from 25% in Q1 2022 to 29% in Q1 2023.
  • Mobile e-commerce sessions and session lengths both grew YoY in 2022, and in 2023 so far, sessions are up by another 7%.
  • Fintech installs, sessions, sessions per user, time spent in-app, and revenue are all climbing—in 2022, LATAM saw the most growth at 54% YoY.
  • Following the decline of gaming app installs and sessions in 2022, January 2023 saw a bounce back of 10% and 11%, respectively.

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