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Paul Müller on iOS 14.5+, neutrality as part of AppLovin, and the Adjust product roadmap

It’s been an industry-defining year for mobile marketing, with privacy changes spearheaded by iOS 14.5 and Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and a slew of mergers and acquisitions. One such acquisition was that of Adjust, where we joined forces with AppLovin to offer best-in-class solutions and build the future of app marketing together. Adjust’s CEO and Co-Founder Paul Müller discusses these changes in a recent interview with AdExchanger and talks about rolling with the privacy changes and staying neutral under AppLovin.

Paul explains that although new tracking processes are in place, and the data that’s available for measurement is changing, the market is seeing stability in terms of the tools that developers and marketers are using and the need for these to be unified.

“You start out with a million things, some of which work and some of which don’t, and the tools that do work combine themselves into more competitive networks,” Paul explains. Adding that that’s the idea of the AppLovin-Adjust marriage, where the two offer a unified suite of tools for developers.

In terms of neutrality, Paul explains that Adjust remains a standalone business as an independent provider of measurement, but that as part of the AppLovin family, insight into the full value chain can now be leveraged.

Adjust, iOS 14 and future privacy changes

Adjust has been at the forefront of iOS 14 privacy changes from its initial announcement in 2020 until now. By offering clients the best possible support in adapting to the changes, we’re also continually releasing new products to help clients build their marketing and user acquisition (UA) strategies in the ever-changing ecosystem.

“We have technology to model the conversion value in SKAdNetwork,” explains Paul, adding that the next step is connecting the conversion value, which is a short-term data point, to lifetime value.

“We’re also doing a lot of work on predictive KPIs to extrapolate across users when we don’t have access to the same level of data. For example, collecting data from consented users and modeling it to a precision that is good enough (predictive enough) to make decisions.”

In terms of what the future holds, Paul stated that he is confident that when Google makes any changes to its ad ID, it’ll account for partners.

“As a company that makes money with advertising, they (Google) understand the importance of attribution and measurement.”

He also revealed that Adjust is freshening up its UI and UX, working to integrate more into the dashboard (including costs and spend), and planning to add more automation. Other focuses highlighted for 2022 include CTV and Adjust’s explicit data residency. For more information and for updates on all changes and product releases, subscribe to our newsletter or keep up to date here on the blog.

You can read Paul’s full interview with AdExchanger here.

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