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Meta & Adjust: Announcing Meta install referrer for enhanced Android measurement

Aimed at improving visibility and measurement for Android app marketers and advertisers, we’ve been working closely with Meta on the development of the brand new Meta install referrer (MIR). We’re excited to announce that MIR is now fully implemented and available to clients, meaning you can start working with the solution to gain enhanced visibility into Meta Android Campaigns performance right away.

Check out our help center here for all the details on what you need to do to get started with install referrers—MIR and Google Play Install Referrer (GPIR)—for Meta Android campaigns, or read on to learn more about what MIR is and how it works.

What is Meta install referrer and how does it benefit marketers?

Meta install referrer is an Android-specific measurement solution that is designed to attribute views and clicks from ads on Meta apps to correlating app downloads–applicable for both Google Play Store installs as well as those from third party app stores.

MIR supports same-session click-through attribution as well as—most interestingly—some use cases that are not currently supported by GPIR e.g. click-through attribution that is not same-session (user clicks an ad but installs later) and view-through attribution. When a user sees an ad on a Meta app (e.g. Facebook or Instagram) and either directly or eventually clicks through to convert and install, Adjust’s SDK, via MIR, is able to attribute that activity accordingly.

This is an exciting development for mobile advertisers on Meta properties because, due to the measurement visibility gained, it enables a more complete picture of Meta Android Campaigns performance. After implementation, we anticipate that clients will see a decrease in the volume of their unattributed installs from Meta apps, coupled with an uptick in those from view-through or non-same-session.

Working with Meta install referrer and Google Play Install Referrer

The goal of Meta install referrer is to provide a fuller picture, or to help fill in measurement gaps when working on Meta Android App Ads campaigns. This demonstrates a significant opportunity for increased insights and, comprehensive ROAS measurement, and more reliable campaign optimization on Meta.

While GPIR enables advertisers to successfully retrieve campaign data for installs driven by Meta, this is only the case for same session clickthrough installs. To fill the gap and leverage MIR for reporting on view-through installs to the highest possible degree, Meta recommends broad targeting campaigns, where parameters like age, gender, and location are set to default to capture the largest possible audience.

Meta install referrer and Adjust

To work with Meta install referrer and Adjust (or any MMP), you’ll need to update the Adjust SDK and provide us with the MIR decryption key. This allows Adjust to read the MIR data when your app is installed and to attribute accordingly.

In terms of Adjust’s attribution waterfall, MIR doesn’t result in any changes, meaning that the existing attribution logic is retained. Adjust will also automatically deduplicate any duplicates from GPIR and MIR. Adjust’s Raw Data Export function does, however, allow you to receive both data sets and to see all duplicates.

For more information and to start working with Meta install referrer today, you can read the details on implementation, get in touch with your Adjust contact person, or request a demo.

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