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Four ways Adjust defines innovation in mobile measurement

The mobile marketing landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years and continues to evolve into a new, largely post-ID age. Privacy frameworks have led to a significant evolution of digital marketing, facing mobile marketers with a unique set of challenges. Staying ahead of the competition now requires more than innovative ideas—it demands cutting-edge tools and strategies.

Adjust has not only adapted but remained at the forefront of this changing environment. Discover four of the key ways Adjust is staying ahead of the game in a world where traditional measurement and attribution methodologies are undergoing continued transformation.

1. Adjust isolates the impact of your marketing efforts

Mobile marketers need to explore new channels, campaigns, and markets while maintaining a clear view of the impact on their bottom line. “Always on" incrementality measurement empowers marketers to test the waters without disrupting existing strategies. This means understanding which channels are genuinely driving growth and which might be cannibalizing organic lift, or even turning potential users away. It's becoming an essential tool for navigating the complex marketing landscape and making informed mid-term decisions.

Adjust recognizes the value of this model and its power to provide invaluable campaign insights from aggregated data. We are currently incorporating incrementality analysis into Adjut’s suite of solutions. This will allow marketers to assess the true value of campaigns.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to your Adjust rep for information about our early access beta. Or, check out our blog on how to measure incrementality.

2. Adjust provides comprehensive context for insights and forecasting

For long-term strategic planning, Adjust is developing to enhance its measurement capabilities with media mix modeling (MMM). MMM allows marketers to assess a number of external variables such as seasonality, press, and economic trends in order to forecast the optimal allocation of budgets across all marketing efforts, not just those that can be easily or more directly attributed. This data-driven approach ensures that your long-term strategies are aligned with your goals, maximizing ROI while considering the broader marketing landscape.

3. Adjust champions a diverse channel mix

Mobile marketing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Curating a diverse advertising channel mix is key. Adjust helps you measure your marketing strategy from the top of your conversion funnel all the way through to your churn and retention metrics.

Building a robust multichannel campaign

Starting with the content on your website, you have the opportunity to showcase your app’s expertise and drive brand awareness. These keyword-optimized pieces will attract organic traffic. To maximize results, retarget users who have shared cookies to a landing page aligned with the themes of your blog. Incrementality will identify the lift between organic content marketing and paid acquisition.

Example: A sustainable fashion e-commerce app could create a series of keyword-optimized blogs about topics like eco-friendly materials and tips for conscious shopping. Visitors who have shared cookies are retargeted with ads that lead them to a landing page to shop the app’s sustainable products and access exclusive discounts and related content.

Next, leverage paid social media advertising, display advertising,  CTV advertising, and even PC and console advertising to reach a wider audience and drive targeted traffic across platforms. These ads should align with your brand message and goals. However, don’t forget to give your organic social media some love as well. Develop a reliable posting schedule that works for your audience. Test and learn to find the optimal posting frequency and content topics. Once again, leverage incremental measurement to determine the impact of your paid advertising on top of the organic acquisition.

Example: A gaming app could post a poll asking users which new feature they like best, simultaneously informing less active or inactive users who might not have known about the updates. This equally encourages mobile gamers to interact with your brand while helping marketers tailor paid ads to their interests.

Standard email campaigns cast a wide net, delivering uniform messages to the entire subscriber list. While effective for general announcements or promotions, they may lack the personalized touch required to cater to the diverse needs of users. On the other hand, campaigns segmented by user behavior, preferences, or demographics are not always possible without access to device-level data.

This is another interesting example of where incrementality and MMM could come into play as invaluable assets. Incrementality can inform the mid-term process of tailoring emails by helping marketers identify which emails have a positive lift by audience group. Additionally, media mix modeling aids in understanding the effect of external factors in the long term. By combining these insights with email campaign data, marketers can better refine their strategies, ensuring that messages are targeted accurately and effectively, despite the limitations of device-level data.

Example: A banking app could test emails based on different financial goals, providing financial insights or product recommendations tailored to each goal.

Support for multichannel marketing measurement

When running multi-channel campaigns for your app, Adjust can, for example, help to measure the complete picture of performance via view-through attribution (VTA), which also unlocks insight into campaign uplift and what we call assisted installs. VTA provides the missing pieces of the puzzle by illuminating the influence of impressions on app installs, even when there's a gap between ad view and installation. Assisted install data provides invaluable insights into how different marketing channels collaborate to influence conversions, enabling more informed decisions and optimization of campaign strategies.

Together, this data is incredibly important in cross-channel measurement, revealing the synergistic relationships between marketing channels. Gaining a comprehensive view ensures that every touchpoint in the user journey is considered, allowing for a more accurate assessment of each channel's contribution to conversions. This is particularly informative when leveraging visual-heavy platforms like connected TV.

Savvy marketers are not only ready to implement diverse channels but also diverse measurement methods. In the current era of privacy regulations, having a mobile measurement partner (MMP) that can offer and guide you in gaining insights from aggregated data sets is critical. Adjust remains steadfast in its commitment to providing robust support for mobile marketing measurement while adhering to evolving privacy regulations. Our SKAN Solutions, for example, help marketers create robust conversion value strategies for post-IDFA attribution, which can then be unpacked, analyzed, and used for successful iOS campaign optimization.

4. Adjust empowers data-driven decisions that lead to success

Success isn't a matter of chance or creative genius alone; it's a science. Although the methods by which marketers measure their campaigns have changed, impactful campaign adjustments remain grounded in data-driven insights.

Adjust’s robust suite of measurement products transforms campaigns from guesswork to precision, bridging the gap between traditional attribution and next-generation measurement. Maneuver through your marketing confidently knowing that your campaign data is accurate, reliable, and actionable.

Our focus on incrementality, predictive analytics, and strategic channel diversification using a scientific approach to measurement makes us the partner of choice for those looking to stay ahead of the game. With Adjust by your side, you're equipped with the tools and strategies needed to navigate the complex mobile landscape and achieve your marketing goals.

Ready to elevate your mobile marketing strategy? Take the first step in securing a successful future for your app by scheduling a demo with Adjust.

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