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Unlocking strong results across metrics with TikTok

Consumers crave more than just content—they seek immersive experiences that captivate and engage them. Enter TikTok, where entertainment and advertising merge flawlessly. With millions of users scrolling for hours daily, TikTok offers advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with and captivate a highly engaged audience.

Adjust data reveals that these users very often translate to long-term loyalty and superior return on ad spend (ROAS). Building on the success of our initial study of how an entertainment-first approach improves efficiency for brands, Adjust and TikTok have conducted new, comprehensive analyses focusing on the APAC, EUI, LATAM, METAP, and NA markets.

Five key takeaways from recent studies

  1. Higher revenue per user: By month 0, revenue from users who came to entertainment apps via TikTok ads was 31.8% higher compared to users who came from any other network. Similarly, revenue per user in LATAM for e-commerce apps was 65.42% higher, and for travel apps, it was 463.33% higher.
  2. More time spent in-app per user: 23% greater time spent in-app per user for shopping apps and 20% higher for food and beverage apps in APAC.
  3. Fewer uninstalls: 56% less uninstalls in MENA and 40% fewer in Turkey.
  4. Improved ROAS: On day 0 in LATAM, ROAS of users coming to apps from TikTok ads was 46.11% higher for entertainment apps and 193.3% greater for travel apps.
  5. Cheaper CPI: The cost per install for financial apps was 64.37% cheaper in LATAM and 56% cheaper in EUI, as well as 33% cheaper for all apps in MENA.

Read the full reports on APAC, EUI, LATAM, METAP, and NA for more detailed insights and strategies for maximizing your app performance on TikTok.

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