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Insights for impact: Unveiling the top-performing mobile and CTV creative trends

Creatives that convert are fundamental to successful advertising on mobile. AppLovin’s in-house creative team, SparkLabs, produces tens of thousands of these creatives every year, making them unmatched experts when it comes to what's performing best now.

Based on data from over 81.2 billion impressions, 33.1 billion clicks, and 412 million installs, their brand new creative trends report Performance-Driven Ad Trends 2024, reveals the top performing ad creatives and explores how you can implement proven strategies, along with generative AI, to supercharge your creative performance in 2024. What’s even more exciting? SparkLabs is completely free to use for Adjust and AppLovin customers, meaning you can start working with them to build high-impact ads that perform right away.

Let’s take a look at some of the report’s key takeaways, a sneak peak at a couple of those winning creative strategies, and dive into AI’s role in driving the success of your next campaign.

Bigger screens, better results

At Adjust, we constantly talk about CTV as an exciting and essential performance channel for app marketers looking to expand their channel mix and meet users where they are. We’re particularly excited to see successful CTV creatives highlighted in this report, demonstrating what top-tier ads on the platform can look like.

The report found that thanks to CTV’s potential as a visual medium for immersive, larger-screen presentations, it’s an excellent channel to explore “storytelling” via live-action, mini-cinematic experiences that resonate with users on a deeper level than mobile creatives.

By incorporating next-gen technologies like AI into your formula for building ad creatives that convert, you open up limitless potential to test, determine what works, and find your next winner. Leveraging the trends and best practices outlined in SparkLabs’ Performance-Driven Ad Trends 2024, you’re equipped with a solid foundation to elevate quality and impact.

Get the granular details by reading the full report or reach out to your contact person today to learn how you can start working with—and benefiting from—SparkLabs.

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