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Calling app marketers: Your ebook to master CTV

Connected TV is no longer a niche channel but a powerful option for mobile app marketers to add to their marketing strategies. To help marketers navigate the CTV ecosystem, we’ve just published our ebook Mastering CTV in 2023: Predictions and insights for mobile app marketers.
Inside, we relay the current CTV landscape in terms of market growth and technology advancements for targeting and measuring your CTV ads. We’ve partnered with several of our top CTV partners—Wurl, Vibe, tvScientific, Moloco, and Bliss Point Media—who each provide expert predictions and advice for mobile app marketers.

Why CTV is a must for app marketers

In this ebook, Adjust’s Director of Connected TV and New Channels, Gijsbert Pols, walks through why connected TV is no longer a channel marketers can ignore.

CTV offers marketers:

  • Higher ad tolerance
  • Opportunity for better quality ads
  • The ability to increase reach
  • A tool to grow lifetime value (LTV)

CTV measurement is possible

Despite fragmentation in the industry, marketers can obtain comprehensive measurement for their CTV channels and view the impact of their CTV ads on their other marketing channels with Adjust’s solution CTV AdVision. In the ebook, you’ll see how CTV AdVision works and how it can reveal the rich marketing opportunities within CTV advertising.

Sneak peek of CTV insights inside this ebook

As we’ve said before, Your MMP’s CTV solution is only as strong as its partner coverage, which is why Adjust has acquired many strong partnerships with different CTV players—all of which can be viewed in our robust Partner Marketplace.

Several of these partners contributed to this CTV ebook, providing advice and predictions for app marketers looking to dive into the CTV ecosystem. As a tease, we’ve pulled out a prediction from each of these CTV leaders. We hope you’ll enjoy and read their full predictions in the CTV ebook.

Joel Halpern

Chief Marketing Officer, Vibe

Jason Fairchild

Co-founder & CEO, tvScientific

Ron Gutman

CEO, Wurl

Stefanos Metaxas

Chief Strategy Officer, Bliss Point Media

Jake Richardson

Head of CTV Strategy & Partnerships, Moloco

To access over 20+ tips and predictions for CTV and app marketers in 2023, get your copy of the ebook Mastering CTV in 2023.

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