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Deliver satisfying mobile e-commerce micro-experiences with deep linking

The shift to mobile e-commerce intensified in the online retail vertical last year — 60% of online retail website views in August 2020 came from smartphones, which now account for 40% of all online sales. Adobe has just released Retail Technologies That Pair Well Together, featuring Adjust, which includes strategies for how businesses can serve a unified retail experience to customers.

Customers are now coming in through new channels - social media marketplaces, in-store discovery, reviews and more. In this report we go into detail about how deep linking is the perfect way to minimize friction for your mobile users as they transition from impulse to sale across these channels. By making a more seamless shopping experience across your channels and personalizing the user journey, you’re encouraging customers to spend more time on your app.

What is deep linking?

Deep links are types of links that send users directly to an app rather than to a website. They can also be used to send users to specific in-app locations, cutting down on time and energy wasted to find a particular item or offer. For example, if a user sees a discount on a pair of shoes advertised, they can simply click the ad and be sent directly to the offer rather than to the store overview or app store page. By providing a seamless user experience, deep links also help to reduce churn.

To learn more about deep linking, check out The Adjust Guide to Deep Linking.

Deep linking for improving your online retail experience

Time is precious. By directing potential customers directly to a product page, special offer or even to the checkout, you are more likely to convert them. Deep links are also a valuable tool for marketers — by pointing customers from other marketing channels to within your app, you can better understand where your users are coming from and which campaigns are seeing higher conversion rates.

Deep linking data also supports multi-touch marketing attribution,so you can see the various touchpoints of a sale. This data  allows you to cohort and analyze your audience and to better target users based on their in-app behavior. By identifying cohorts like lapsed users or customers that abandon carts, you can test and see how they respond to different offers and ad campaigns.

Building a great mobile experience is key to turning impressions into conversations. Having an overview of how your mobile touchpoints are performing can provide you with pointers on how to optimize your user journey. Not only can deep links help acquire valuable customer data, they also significantly increase the ROI of your mobile app.

For more information about how to improve your online retail experience with deep linking, read Adobe’s guide featuring Adjust, Retail Technologies that Pair Well Together, today.

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