Simplifying your switch to a new mobile measurement partner

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that your current mobile measurement partner (MMP) is no longer meeting your needs. Or, maybe you’re just curious about what other features and solutions are available on the market. Unfortunately, the process of moving to a new MMP can feel a bit like moving to a new house. And as anyone who has moved can attest to, it’s a lot of work. But what if there was an easier way?

Good news–there is! Much like hiring a moving company to handle the hard work, Adjust has dedicated itself to this task. We’ve learned from the migration process of over 2,000 customers across app verticals. The result is a smooth and effortless process for you. Starting with this guide, where we’ll walk you through the simplified migration process. From why it might be time to make the move to checking out real-life migrations with this process, you’ll get a clear idea of what’s ahead.

Why switch?

Why migrate to another MMP?

Just like your toolbox at home, your tech stack forms the foundation of your marketing success. Selecting the right tools for the job is vital. After all, a screwdriver is not going to help you hang a frame as effectively as a hammer would. And in marketing, time is money. Creating efficiencies through an optimized tech stack is essential.

There comes a time when you need new tools, better tools, or even a consolidation of tools. Here are a few scenarios that might indicate it’s time to switch MMPs.

  1. My MMP is too expensive relative to the value it provides.
  2. Other tools in my tech stack aren't compatible with my MMP.
  3. The level of customer support is not where I’d like it to be.
  4. My current MMP is unable to effectively identify and prevent ad fraud.
  5. The data from my MMP is not as accurate and consistent as it could be.
  6. Delays in data reporting interfere with real-time decision-making.
  7. The interface is not easy to use.
  8. My MMP doesn’t offer aggregated measurement or sufficient SKAN (and AdAttributionKit) support.
  9. I can’t access raw data for more in-depth analysis.
  10. There isn’t enough customization available for my needs.

What if a service provider stops providing?

Sometimes, the decision to migrate is taken out of app marketers’ hands if a service in your tech stack is no longer available. Let’s use deep linking as an example. With the depreciation of Google’s Firebase Dynamic Links (FBDL), an alternative solution will need to be put in place. One that provides a seamless transition while maintaining an app’s current strategic approach, meeting existing user-experience needs, and supporting undisrupted growth.

Adjust makes setting up deep links for all platforms, campaign environments, and link behaviors straightforward. Whether it's universal links, Android App Links, multi-platform deep links, and more, it can all be done in just a few clicks.


Myth-busting the migration journey

Traditionally, switching MMPs was very cumbersome. From lengthy timelines to data duplication, marketing operations were, to say the least, disrupted. Recognizing this, the team at Adjust has worked diligently to streamline the process and alleviate the pain points from start to finish. Let's clear the air and debunk some of the common misconceptions about changing to a new partner.

Myth one: It’s too expensive

There are a number of costs involved in changing your MMP, namely:

  1. The price difference between solutions.
  2. The cost of pausing marketing activities (if you choose to do so).
  3. The business cost of impacting marketing activities and tying up resources.

Adjust has a dedicated team that will help you build a package that fits your needs and budget. We’ll also walk you through what it would look like to pause your marketing campaigns or continue them during the migration. The choice will be in your hands. Our team is committed to making the process as quick, easy, and as seamless as possible to ensure there’s no disruption to your business.

Juan Wu

R&D Director, LightInTheBox

Myth two: It takes too long

Marketers are often concerned about the time involved in a migration, including:

  1. The time your team needs to learn and support a new platform.
  2. The time commitment of moving all data without downtime or loss (data gaps), as well as setting up all partners and configurations.
  3. The time of implementing your app(s) on a new system.

Onboarding with Adjust typically takes one to six weeks. The length of time your migration takes will depend on the resources you have available to work with our dedicated support team, the scale of your tech stack and campaigns, and the number of individuals within your team involved in the onboarding process.

Santiago Juarros

Head of Marketing, Ripio Latin America, Ripio

Adjust will create a personalized onboarding plan for you, taking into consideration the availability of your resources. We then fully support our customers throughout all steps from marketing strategy sessions to data migration. Our Adjust Engage program is a step-by-step plan that will help you achieve business value with our platform within a few weeks.

Myth three: There will be data loss

Importing historical data has previously been the cause of:

  1. Data loss between platforms.
  2. Inconsistencies in measurement of historical data (having to rework historical data to make it work with new Adjust data).

Following our initial consultation and the answers to your questionnaire, your team and Adjust will collaborate on the data onboarding together. This ensures minimal risks and full process transparency. We typically recommend migrating three months of historical data, and we’ll walk you through this process to make sure nothing is missing. During the migration, you also have the option of a crossover period between your previous and new MMP.

Myth four: I’ll get double charges

In addition to data loss, there can be concern over data duplication and resulting double charges. All you need to do is import existing device information from your previous MMP or your business intelligence (BI) before releasing an app update with the Adjust SDK. Adjust will ignore any duplicate value and will not charge you for it. The best part? Our support team will help ensure you complete this step correctly.

Juan Wu

R&D Director, LightInTheBox

Finding an MMP

Choosing the best MMP

Once the decision is made to look for a new partner, it’s important to get your selection right. In a sea of app data, your mobile measurement partner is your life raft. A good MMP will cut through the clutter to collect and organize data from all of your marketing channels. It will present this data in a way that gives you a clear picture of what’s working and what isn’t. The efficiencies of a good MMP will culminate in incredible results.

After reviewing the above checklist, it’s important to find the MMP that best suits your needs. A truly future-proof partner should be prioritizing next-gen measurement solutions and staying ahead of privacy regulations and developments to keep you informed and clear on changes. Evaluate your options carefully to find the mobile measurement partner that will seamlessly support your evolving needs.


Effortless migration to Adjust in three steps

You may have noticed we ticked all the boxes above. That’s because we truly believe in ensuring that every Adjust client is set up for success from the beginning. This is why we offer a tailored onboarding process to each migrating client. Adjust will onboard your business in a few short weeks, leaving no questions unanswered. Our best-in-class Client Services and Account Management teams will be with you throughout the entire process and beyond.

  1. Account setup: We’ll work with your team to start a personalized onboarding program and identify the specific campaign settings, historical data, and measures you wish to set up.
  2. Data migration: We’ll provide you with a CSV template to collect your historical data from your current provider. Then, we’ll migrate this data to your Adjust account, preventing data loss and data duplication.
  3. Campaign configuration: We’ll configure your existing campaign and partner setups so they can be retained. If you want your data fed into your business intelligence tool, we’ll help you configure your callbacks before you go live.

Following the completion of this migration process, our ongoing support and education–including weekly calls and on-demand workshops–will enable you to explore and benefit from all Adjust features and solutions. In addition to your Account Manager, our global support team can answer any question that may come up.

Adjust has round-the-clock support with an industry-leading response time of under three hours.

Case studies

Client perspectives on migrating to Adjust

Don’t just take it from us. Adjust empowers over 100,000 businesses to grow their apps. Below are just a few examples of clients who have migrated and found exponential growth by making Adjust their trusted MMP.

Agustin Saldis

Mobile Performance Specialist, Ripio

Best of all, migrating to Adjust means you won't have to migrate again. We focus on future-proof solutions and stay ahead of industry trends, guaranteeing you’re always informed and one step ahead of the competition. With Adjust, you'll benefit from our commitment to innovation and proactive updates, keeping your app marketing strategies current and effective.

If your current MMP isn’t cutting it, it might be time to migrate to a new provider. At Adjust, we equip app marketers with innovative next-gen measurement tools for success. Ready to make the switch? Request a personalized demo. We’re excited to help you make the move with ease!