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What makes a good mobile measurement partner in the privacy era? Enter: Adjust

Growth marketers today need actionable, cross-channel analytics for their app marketing and most turn to a mobile measurement partner (MMP). However, selecting the right MMP can seem daunting amidst the rapidly changing mobile advertising and user-privacy-driven ecosystem. The MMP you choose should deliver accurate measurement, but that’s not all you’ll need to be set up for success. How can you be sure you’re choosing the best mobile measurement partner—one that will remain innovative and ahead of industry changes? Below we cover the essentials of an MMP,  provide a “must-haves” checklist, and illustrate why Adjust is the MMP you need.

Q: Care for the elevator pitch of why Adjust stands above other MMPS?

Check out our Why Adjust page for a brief overview of what makes Adjust the MMP of choice.

The MMP basics: Why marketers need them

At a minimum, an MMP should provide unbiased mobile attribution for reliable marketing performance. An MMP verifies which marketing efforts led to an app install or user engagement. In addition to attribution, today’s best-in-class MMPs offer many other measurement capabilities that help marketers improve overall marketing performance.

10 things growth marketers use an MMP to:

  1. Measure and improve cross-channel performance marketing
  2. View all marketing data in a centralized location
  3. Collect data from platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, TikTok, etc.
  4. Automate campaign optimization
  5. Build custom audiences for retargeting
  6. Create and track deep links
  7. Unify ad spend and monetization data
  8. Reduce ad fraud
  9. Distill actionable insights from aggregated data
  10. Ensure data accuracy and privacy and compliance

Without an MMP, app marketers cannot verify ad performance, get a comprehensive overview of their marketing campaigns across channels, or ensure their data is 100% accurate. In short, today’s marketers need a centralized analytics platform to collect, analyze, and act confidently on their marketing data. Get 10 advantages of working with an MMP.

The MMP checklist (Watch Adjust tick every box)

As you evaluate the top mobile measurement partner, it’s vital to compare the offerings of each partner with your app business needs. Here are the essentials an MMP must have to be in the running.

Mobile measurement partner checklist

1. Accurate, cross-device measurement

As nearly all app marketers utilize paid marketing, they need measurement tools for the  attribution of mobile app installs and post-install events to the source from which they came. An MMP allows marketers to confirm whether or not an install should be attributed to an ad network.

But beyond mobile app attributions, today’s leading MMPs should cover multi-touch attribution for connected TV (CTV), web, and PC & Console, and allow for deep link creation where relevant for a seamless user experience.

Adjust and attribution? Check!

With Adjust’s Smart Attribution solution, you can measure a vast array of metrics across all marketing channels—from ROI insights to mobile app and CTV attribution. You’ll be able to see which creatives and campaigns provide the best users and create deep links and set custom parameters for event tracking.

Proof: See how Nestlé’s NE’APP hit 1.5 million downloads with Adjust.

2. Excellent integrations

A good MMP should offer a configurable SDK to be added directly to an app so marketers can monitor user engagement. This universal SDK is connected to an extensive advertising ecosystem of ad networks, so developers don’t have to burden their app with a new SDK for each ad network they wish to use.

Adjust and integrations? Check!

Adjust offers easy integration with the Adjust SDK and provides the lightweight SDK to multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Proof: Duolingo recommends Adjust’s experts for their one-on-one consulting solutions that ensured the brand was set up for success.

3. Time-saving automation

When picking an MMP, make sure it saves you time with several automation tools. These tools should remove manual tasks like data sorting, campaign optimization, bid and budget optimization, and bulk editing.

Adjust and automation? Check

Adjust’s Campaign Automation solution lets you automate budget and bid optimization, freeing up your time for strategy. Get automated reporting to view all performance data in one place.

Additionally, Adjust’s smart alerts solution, Pulse, allows you to set customized, automated alerts to monitor your KPIs and catch anomalies, saving valuable time otherwise spent data sorting.

Proof: PUBG Mobile regained 15% of its UA Manager’s weekly time with automation from Adjust.

4. Audience segmentation

Finding the right users is business-critical for an app’s growth. Marketers need the tools to reach their targeted audiences and segment them for testing. On top of this, marketers need the agility to do all of this in just a few clicks, made possible by an MMP’s automation.

Adjust and audience segmentation? Check!

At Adjust, you can use our Audience Builder to build and share targeted audiences in a few clicks. Let Adjust group users together based on the criteria you set, saving you time and effort. Plus, you can set up dynamic audiences with any ad network, updated in real-time.

Proof: Vivino increased orders from performance channels by 500% with Adjust’s Audience Builder.

5. Ad spend, purchase, and ad revenue reporting (LTV)

All growth marketers need to prove the return on investment (ROI) of their marketing efforts. They need the capacity to correctly measure app monetization of in-app advertising, follow the complete user cycle, track lifetime value (LTV), and get a holistic view of their ad spend across all advertising networks.

Adjust and proving ROI? Check!

With Adjust’s ROI Measurement, you can access a unified view of all your monetary metrics using powerful cost aggregation and revenue reporting. Understand what drives users to convert, further monitoring conversions and LTV to optimize for best results—all within a single dashboard.

Proof: Kirana boosted return on ad spend (ROAS) by 21% with Adjust.

6. Fraud prevention

App marketers know every dollar of their ad spend needs to be accounted for. And yet, with ad fraud projected to hit US$100 billion in 2023, marketers are scrambling to protect their budgets from ad fraud. Top MMPs should protect ad spend and marketing data from the four main types of ad fraud: SDK spoofing, click injection, device emulators, and click spamming.

Adjust and fraud prevention? Check!

Adjust is the only MMP to offer a Fraud Prevention solution that proactively rejects mobile ad fraud, ensuring you don’t pay for fraudulent installs. Real-time rejection reason callbacks are sent to partners and networks for complete transparency, and organic users are never misattributed.

Proof: albo used Adjust’s Fraud Prevention to increase conversion rate by 600%.

7. Insights and campaign optimization from aggregated data

With the entire mobile market shifting toward greater user privacy, it’s imperative to partner with an MMP that adapts to industry changes and enables marketers to work with new privacy-centric attribution frameworks like Apple’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) or Google’s Privacy Sandbox on Android.

Adjust and next-generation solutions? Check!

Did you know Adjust was first to market with our SKAN 4 SDK, and that we’ve got a whole suite of comprehensive iOS measurement solutions? Driven by machine learning and predictive analytics, you can easily map intricate conversion value setups for SKAN 3 and SKAN 4, and collect aggregated SKAN data to leverage for continued success on your iOS campaigns. And, just like we were a step ahead with SKAN 4, rest assured we’ll continue developing next-generation measurement solutions for Privacy Sandbox on Android and beyond.
Proof: Jam City saw a 400% increase in installs per thousand impressions for its iOS UA campaigns.

8. Powerful partnerships

Make sure that the MMP you choose has partnerships not only with the leading self-attributing networks (SANs) such as Google Ads, Facebook, and TikTok but also with a wide variety of other ad networks so you can reach your audience, wherever they are.

Adjust and partnerships? Check!

Adjust has over four thousand (yes, 4K) partnerships with ad networks, agencies, technical solutions, and media partners to ensure seamless integrations with the top partners. Adjust also has the Partner Marketplace, a robust global directory exclusively for our clients to use to find their next technology or solutions partner.

Proof: Read how Adjust and TikTok helped Traveloka see a 2x performance uplift.

9. Guaranteed privacy and compliance

As mobile measurement partners handle a spate of data, it’s of utmost importance that whichever MMP you choose be fully compliant with all privacy legislation and have built-in security features for reliable data protection.

Adjust and compliance? Check!

Adjust is the leading MMP in security. In addition to being GDPR, CCPA, ISO/IEC 27001, Safe Harbor, and ePrivacy certified, Adjust is the only MMP that lets our clients choose the location of the processing and storage of their data. Adjust also owns our own data servers, unlike most competitors who store data on public cloud servers, which poses a greater security risk.

Proof: Get the facts on why Adjust’s security, privacy, and compliance is superior.

See why 135,000+ apps use Adjust

From Duolingo to Nestlé to PUBG Mobile, thousands of apps choose Adjust as their MMP to get the results they want. Why? Because Adjust is more than an MMP. As a leading mobile measurement and analytics suite since 2012, we’ve ensured our clients have access to actionable data, custom reporting, and automation tools that keep them agile.

In addition to top-level mobile attribution, Adjust is quick to innovate and continually take marketers further with our next-generation measurement solutions. Consider our award-winning, comprehensive CTV measurement solution, CTV Advision, our revolutionary all-in-one conversion value mapping solution, Conversion Hub, and our analytics solution Datascape, named Best Overall Marketing Solution last year. Amidst this transformative era in digital advertising, expect Adjust to keep you one step ahead, always.

Now’s the time to level up your app marketing. Take this one step and schedule your personalized demo with Adjust to see how we can maximize your marketing results. Your app growth journey begins now.

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