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Expert predictions unveiled: The must-know 2024 mobile app trends

Ready for our top 2024 predictions? Adjust’s experts provide their 2024 digital marketing trends, touching on predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and connected TV (CTV) as they relate to mobile app marketing. Having recently won the Most Effective App Analytics Platform and MMP of the Year awards titles, we’re thrilled to lead the way in the exploration of and innovation for these new trends.

1. Predictive analytics will bring stability to the developing landscape of cross-channel measurement

Predictive analytics work to accurately forecast future outcomes based on historical data—no crystal ball required. The addition of predictive analytics into cross-device marketing and cross-channel measurement will prove invaluable to mobile app marketers as they plan their 2024 campaigns and wish to budget and plan based on the return on investment (ROI) their future campaigns will deliver.

Simon “Bobby”  Dussart, CEO of Adjust, says,

“Mobile to CTV, PC and console and back to web—Regardless of what new channels might become popular over the next few years or new privacy regulations that might be introduced, marketers need to get the best return on investment. So the question advertisers are asking is, “How do we know where we should spend?” In the past, most of the focus on measurement was aggregating data from a few sources and comparing the results to see how they performed to know where to invest in the future.

But machine learning and AI are giving marketers the ability to predict, with 90% accuracy, a user's lifetime value at days 3, 7, 14, and 30. Within the first 24 hours, marketers will be able to identify if a campaign is attracting high-value users so they can invest more or stop the campaign in favor of other channels. This, in turn, will lead to well-spent budgets and higher ROAS.

Predictive analytics and automated workflows, combined with incrementality and media mix modeling (MMM), will give marketers a 360-degree understanding of how and where they should be spending their marketing dollars. This is the future of modern growth marketing and measurement.”

2. Embracing AI’s potential for mobile marketing will be crucial to remain competitive

From generative AI to ChatGPT, AI has taken the world by storm, and the mobile marketing industry is no exception. Beyond generating copy for paid ads, facilitating programmatic advertising, or providing a support chatbot for app marketers, AI-fueled technology has entered the mobile measurement space. This opens the door for advanced measurement solutions that can provide valuable recommendations to aid app marketers in decision-making.

Katie Madding, Chief Product Officer at Adjust, says

“The mobile marketing industry has made significant strides in AI this year, giving marketers access to more meaningful data than ever before and helping them to make even smarter, more informed decisions. As we look to the year ahead, mobile app marketers will be counting on their mobile measurement partners (MMPs) to take the next step and address this crucial question:

“How can AI use all of this data to help marketers make the best possible decisions?”

Using ongoing analysis of data, advanced learning models have the potential to provide informed predictions and make strong recommendations to marketers. This will help marketers figure out how to best optimize budget spend to reach their audience and drive results—all in less time and with greater accuracy. AI-driven marketing recommendations is something we're going to see growth marketers really interested in exploring in 2024.”

3. The fusion of content and commerce will redefine the TV-watching experience

Shoppable content on CTV continues to evolve, and 2024 will likely see exciting integrations of mobile apps like e-commerce and grocery delivery apps with over-the-top (OTT) content. Given CTV’s proven incremental reach, mobile app marketers should consider embracing cross-device marketing by adding shoppable ads on CTV to their 2024 marketing strategy.

Gijsbert Pols, Ph.D., Director of Connected TV and New Channels at Adjust, says

“Retail media will become a pivotal part of the future of advertising as consumers begin to make purchases directly from their TV screens. Consider one of the most obvious examples: A cooking program that seamlessly integrates with a grocery delivery app, allowing viewers to purchase ingredients straight off their screens for delivery to their doorsteps. The fusion of CTV and commerce creates an interactive platform where every click has real-world implications.”

4. Embracing sophisticated approaches to measurability will be vital to streaming services

The Free, ad-supported television (FAST) market is experiencing rapid growth, generating US$7.2 billion in revenue worldwide in 2023 and projected to hit US$9.06 billion in 2024. As the market expands and becomes more saturated, streaming services will need to hone in on advanced measurement to surpass the competition. Advertisers will begin to select FAST channels based on their ability to provide accurate metrics across the user journey.

Gijsbert Pols, Ph.D., Director of Connected TV and New Channels at Adjust, says

“FAST channels that want to be taken seriously by advertisers need to stand out with measurability. A move toward more advanced measurability will likely drive standardization within the industry, ensuring that metrics are comparable across different platforms and campaigns.

Brands and companies will increasingly move beyond simplistic attribution models and adopt multi-touch and cross-platform models to view the entire customer journey and understand how different interactions contribute to conversions and LTV.

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