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Introduction to app user acquisition

A successful app marketing strategy requires a fundamental understanding of the target audience and their behavior, especially on mobile. For instance, a mid-core gamer is more likely to spend a considerable amount of time on other mid-core gaming apps. Understanding mobile micro-moments is key to positioning the app in the most effective manner. And if launching an app, this becomes vital for optimizing spend across channels for acquiring users efficiently when the lifetime value of a user is still unknown.

Mobile marketing efforts are more effective - proving to be an instant gateway to the app, with immediate action that can be accurately measured. Apart from optimizing on the various app stores that you launch your app on, the most effective mobile channels for user acquisition are - social, display ad networks and referrals.

Understanding the app lifecycle

The lifecycle of an app comprises of three stages - Learning, Scale and Quality. The Learning stage tests the waters while tweaking the app based on user responses.

With the aim of capturing the top spot in the app store rankings, app developers can benefit by focusing their energies on engaging marketing campaigns (covered in detail in chapter 3) during the learning phase. Once the launch has generated initial interest amongst the target audience, app developers can look to scale the user base.

You'll also learn about the best performing acquisition channels and how to effectively measure and optimize your efforts. Download the user acquisition guide to find out more.