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What is user acquisition?

User acquisition (known as UA) defines the process of gaining customers.

Whether what you do to attract users is in-app, or on another platform or service, if you’re doing anything to promote your service in order to attract new users, you’re engaged in user acquisition.

In the guide, you’ll learn what kind of activities you can focus on, and how to deploy them effectively.

Going beyond simple user acquisition

The central aim of a UA campaign is - surprise - to acquire more users.

But what other goals should you have in mind? Modern UA doesn’t end once a user has converted. To get it right, you have to track more, with retention, cost, and lifetime value all critical for the understanding of your app’s health.

In the guide, we talk through the importance of tracking different metrics - download it to see how to get started.

5 mobile user acquisition strategies to help you win

There are five key strategies to find success in mobile UA.

Whether it’s great creatives, a tight retargeting campaign, incentivization, segmentation or (our favorite) a soft launch, we have the tips to help you think beyond your first user acquisition campaign.

With the guide, you’ll see how much depth there is to a mobile marketer’s day-to-day, and how much you’ll need to do to compete. Learn more, download the guide now.