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A marketing master class from iconic brands

Some iconic companies can be recognized from a simple description of a logo: the bitten apple on the screen, the flowing white cursive on a red can, or the golden arches. All have long escaped the confines of the TV commercial or banner ad, and are firmly woven into the pop culture fabric.

How about the Swoosh?

Nike is synonymous with innovative and impactful design, known for partnering with the biggest names from across the cultural landscape. So how does mobile augment the already stellar reputation of a global icon?

In an exclusive interview Dan Munteanu, Director of Global User Acquisition at Nike shared how his brand approaches performance and brand marketing on mobile (and more) with us for the first-ever issue of LTV magazine.

But Nike isn’t the only iconic brand we featured in this issue. Fintan Gillespie, International Head of Performance Marketing at Snap Inc. told us how Snapchat is enabling brands to reach users with AR, “a powerful tool for self-expression and communication.” Rory Sutherland, vice-chairman of marketing, advertising and PR agency Ogilvy UK, and founder of Ogilvy’s in-house behavioral science team, also talked to us about Burger King’s “Whopper Detour” — exactly the kind of innovative work that can help brands become mobile icons. Sometimes it’s those who defy the conventional wisdom that make a splash on the smallest screens.

Want to learn more from these global brands and the marketing geniuses behind their groundbreaking campaigns? Download issue 1 of LTV magazine now to read “The Making Of Mobile Icons: The Inside View To Mobile Greatness.”

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